Ask me things…please?

Pixiv @ teru
To put out the satirical fire I lit myself in my previous entry, here’s something completely different.

I have a nagging feeling that people are a bit uneasy about asking me things in the comments because they may feel obligated to tie it in with the entry they are commenting on. Clearly I am either a fine-tuned empath who should get into psychology counseling or I must think much too highly of myself to assume readers are too shy to leave me comments. Hah!

In any case, I decided to extend an even wider invitation and made an account. If people remember which almost died (and may as well be), this is pretty much the same thing and will probably die once people get bored with trolling. Regardless…I’m on there now.

And on Twitter @renaishiki where I often downplay/bitch about my personal life & retweet trans-related news. Seriously though, I’m not that bad. Twitter is very useful if you have the patience.

So…um…feel free to deluge my account with awkwardly personal, prying questions into the wonderfully mundane life that is Ren’Ai. If your question is really good, I may even turn it into a blog entry. With that said, I’ll be waiting~



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