Meganekko Memoirs is Closing, But…

A part of me wonders if this post is even necessary, but I know there are a few who have subscribed to this blog because they enjoy what I write. So, for those people, I wanted to inform you that this will likely be my final post here.

However, that is because I have gone ahead with the whispered ideas I had mentioned in past entries. That is, I have begun moving forward to, yet again, bring together all the elements that make me who I am with a brand new blog directly connected to my professional website.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 3.09.59 PM

The site has been searchable online for a few weeks now, but only was publicly made available with the relaunch and revamp of my website I have already posted several brand new entries there for consumption and still have not decided whether I will repost entries I have here. What I will likely do is repurpose what is already here into video content for my YouTube channel that has been collecting dust for nearly three years after I published my coming out video. In case you’re wondering, I have published brand new content there also.

The last two months, I have been very busy with coding, self-marketing, and reinventing myself to achieve my #1 goal for 2017 to push my voiceover career to the next level. Also, achieving my #3 goal to return to being a Creator. And so, I’ve begun priming myself as a content creator and, perhaps one day, an online personality. Meanwhile, my livelihood has been anything but raindrops and roses. This has come out of both desperation to work for myself as an actor, and a personal desire to do what I know I’ve been capable of doing for years, but never had the courage to stop making excuses for myself.

So, with that said, thank you very much for reading and watching me mature all these years. There’s a lot already out there for you to consume right now as I’m churning out content and much more to come. My growth shall continue onward and I hope you will join me.

~ Ren’Ai / Nina Rhizé Sumter / ItsAmaiLife


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