Writing for professionals

Two weeks ago, I penned my first article exclusively for LinkedIn titled Five Basic Techniques That Saved My Voiceover Career. I was pretty apprehensive about publishing something that was meant to help professionals, while using my transgender narrative to support its basis. All in all, being savvy enough to not immediately scare people away with putting “transgender” in the title was a win for me.

Here’s a excerpt highlighting the first technique I share:


1. Always Be Aware Of Your Breathing

Obviously, we all breathe naturally, but it’s a little more than that. Air flow is the basis for all manner of vocalization. Without enough breath vibrating your vocal chords, your sound will generally come out rough and gravely. Be sure that you are always taking enough air in and expelling it gradually as you start and end your conscious statement.

You can read the rest of my post without needing a LinkedIn account here. If you do happen to have a LinkedIn account and enjoyed my article, please Like or Share. Or you can just Like or Share this WordPress post. Thanks in advance, as either or is much appreciated. Comments are too.

Hoping to discover more angles to approach voiceover from, as well as the human connection, as it relates to business professionals. Have to keep putting my B.A. in Professional Writing to good use somehow, you know?


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