Being Remarkable and the Reblog-osphere

Gatchaman Crowds – Rui Ninomiya

After I realized that no amount of coaxing was going to make me write about anything that I didn’t believe anyone would care to read, let alone anything I didn’t feel belonged in this space, I jumped to the WordPress Reader to see what other blogs I follow have been sharing. I immediately took notice of two things:

  1. Maya Angelou died today.

    Maya Angelou (1928-2014)

    To be honest, I had no idea she was still alive. Remarkable writers like her lived out their lives and touched many…and then seemingly fade from the public eye until their passing. Personally, I would not be able to settle for that kind of end. No one expects to cause a generation feel something real in their hearts or to leave an impact on history as a whole. Yet, she, and many others like her, did.

    If I could change the hearts and minds of only a few people, that would be more than I would have ever expected. To achieve that would likely spur me on to continue onward, making as much positive noise as I could until I could no longer.

    I had written something else, but decided to delete it after realizing how ignorant I sounded. I did a bit more digging into how much of a voice she had. I knew she was a prolific speaker and author regarding race issues, but had no idea she was also involved in gender commentary as well. She may have been out of the public eye during my generation, but that is all the more reason to respect the work and wisdom she put into the world. I would be so fortunate to ever achieve a ripple of existence that traverses across time, or to resurface, in death, as a piece of a generation’s heart…

    May she rest in peace.

  2. Do you aspire to leave a mark on a generation as Maya Angelou did? Did her creativity and tenacity inspire you?

  3. The majority of the blogs I follow are Reblogging


    Let me start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing interesting posts from other blogs on your own. This feature is probably a key reason why blogging continues to be a popular way to express oneself. I did a quick search of “reblogging blogosphere” just to see, and came across a familiar blog that sums up my feelings on Reblogging nicely:

    “Re-blogging is a courtesy in my book… if done properly and it is used to showcase someone else’s work. For me it is not an acceptance of their views or even of the opinion that they write, it is only an act of sharing space.”

    Ironically, this was also a blog I once followed that produced such a high frequency of content that I unfollowed him. Reason being, I felt it a disservice to someone putting so much effort in, yet not be able to acknowledge them in any way due to being completely overwhelmed and slightly annoyed. Hence my familiarity.

    So what’s my point? I like the idea of Reblogging as it takes the spotlight off of you for a moment and shines it on someone else. However, after learning many irritating intricacies of Tumblr being largely a Reblog community, seeing mostly Reblogs on a content platform that I personally feel is much more enriched and geared towards creation not curation kind of feels like a copout to supply one’s blog with some form of content in the absence of anything directly relevant. On the other hand, publishing content out of obligation or pumping out a ton of posts daily for whatever reason doesn’t sit well with me either.

    For the record, I have only been reblogged once and rarely reblog since…well…I just told you why.

  4. What’s your personal take on the idea of Reblogging? If you do it, feel free to share your motivation(s) behind it.


7 thoughts on “Being Remarkable and the Reblog-osphere

    1. Absolutely~ I knew you wouldn’t take offense and would probably be the first to catch this. Glad I could finally acknowledge you & thanks for replying of course. : )

  1. I reblog a ton of stuff, but my blog is also for me. So I reblog stuff that inspires me or speaks to me, or I want to highlight just in the way another person has. Plus, I think (for me) it’s good to acknowledge people who follow me. They’ve done something that inspires, I often want to share that moment. But it’s definitely not everyone’s gig.

    I get that.

    As for Maya Angelou, she never faded for me. I always tuned in when she was speaking or being interviewed. And would stop to read something she’s written.

    She stood out.

    1. Thanks for your reply, T!

      I certainly understand the motivation to reblog things that are related to yourself, your craft, and even your soul in some form. I think that those like you with intent on keeping the tone of their blog cohesive while putting the spotlight on someone else is the better way to go about it.

      Mhm, I had a feeling that she felt (and probably still feels) that way for you. I will only have the opportunity to hear her speak through pre-recorded video, unlike you. I can feel your desire to stand out in the world through being a director, and I hope that what you gained from her will help you arrive to where you wish to be.

      1. Nina,

        What a lovely wish. Thank-you SO much. I do reference her advice, so hopefully. And pre-recorded video has its power. So, check her out! 🙂

        I do feel like my blog is all linked, but hope as I speak to myself (pep talks via reblogs unless information) it speaks to others as well – helping them along in their journey. *Hope.*

        But even when someone is writing about their personal experiences it helps. I get alot out of your blog and your contemplation of your life. It’s one of the reasons I’m always on here. It allows me to get to know you as a friend, but also gives me comfort around similar challenges I may have (makes me feel I am not alone as I try to navigate things that are challenging)? Anyway hope all is well and just ignore my reblogs when it gets to be too much. And know sooner or later there will be something written or more video lol. Hugs. 🙂


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