Take one a day

Pixiv @ akabane

That tweet pretty much says it all…or has the worst kind of context ever.

After switching off my mum’s health insurance to my own for a lower premium and now using a new primary doctor, I was cleared to begin HRT this past Monday. Lots of tests were involved mainly because they needed my latest biometrics as a brand new patient, but I’m happy with the respect and advice I’ve been given despite me being an inconvenience at times. My prescription was sent to the pharmacy and I promptly picked up my estradiol (blue) and spironolactone (yellow) the same day I was cleared. Downed my first two pills this morning behind my multivitamin.


I’ve been very eager to start this process since the beginning of the year, but I’m finally on my way. What I feel is a mixture of nervous anticipation and excitement for finally taking this next step and the changes that should bring me much closer to who I was meant to be. I’m grateful to have the means to even do this much, being unemployed again and seeking flexible part-time work to pursue my creative ideas. My insurance doesn’t cover all costs sadly, but that’s to be expected.

Beginning HRT was the one thing I wanted to officially chronicle before I came out publicly. Now that I’m headed in this direction, I have much of what I personally wanted in place to execute the arduous task of telling everyone I know and switching every online identity accordingly. The process of legally changing my name and gender marker is a bit more complicated – I was born in a different state – but at least I know the steps and costs needed to make it happen when the time is right.

Not sure how much information I will be sharing regarding the effects, but as things evolve in my life, there is a chance this space will become a bit more active if things manage to come together like I want them to. As always, I want to aid and encourage others if possible.


17 thoughts on “Take one a day

      1. Thanks! I got it a week ago. Had a bit of a panic the past few days. It all hit me. Suddenly it became very real and I felt like I wasn’t ready. Feeling better about it now. Baby steps…. πŸ™‚

        1. I checked out your blog and I got that sense from your latest entries. Glad you have found your footing again, as the most important thing in all of this is your personal well-being and sense of happiness, even if some uncertainty still exists. Don’t ever feel like you are obligated to move fast either. : )

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