Reaching You: Five Reasons for Understanding Introverts

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I am an introvert by nature. The very act of reaching out, especially to a person I’ve never met or interacted with, is an immense trial for me. The great thing is that no one is a pure introvert or extrovert. I take comfort in that and find the courage to take action as often as I can.

So when I (or any other introvert) reaches out, here are a few things you extroverts (or you choosy introverts) should keep in mind. These apply both on and off the internet.

  1. I am reaching out to you for a specific reason that is specific to you. If you do not reply for whatever reason, I will take that as an introvert would & possibly not ever reach out to you again.
  2. Introverts like to talk if it’s for a reason that we are interested and/or passionate about. If we chime in at any given time, we are taking a conscious risk to meaningfully engage you in a candid fashion.
  3. Introverts are very sensitive people. Please don’t take our time and effort for granted. We will notice and may not tell you if we have ceased communication.
  4. Introverts prefer it if everyone around them are content because negative energy causes drama. If we take the risky initiative and offer a few shards of our heart to you, please do not slap them out of our open palms.
  5. Introverts have difficulty connecting and, ultimately, making friends. If we don’t answer back right away, sometimes we just need some time to process a response that is worth reading. We are usually surprised when anyone reaches out to us.

My blog, Meganekko Memoirs, has been on the internet for nearly a decade, give or take. A few days ago, I reached 100 blog followers. This, by sheer contrast, should be staggering for anyone who has blogged for more than a year. It’s uncommon for anyone with any sort of consistency to require THAT long to draw a crowd. Fact is, it did for me.

Why? Because I never intended for my blog to mean anything to anyone but me. I would type whatever my twisted heart would be spilling out and maybe my 2 or 3 friends would read my emotional, hyper-personal slop after bugging them to do so.

If you have read my About the Author page, you will know that that childish, self-centered mindset has changed significantly. And I have changed right along with this blog. The real reason why I reached 100 followers is probably because I began caring about important issues in new ways and expressing them as they applied to my life. I opened my heart and mind to my self & others, which turned this from a self-indulgent smut blog, to a shallow, unthoughtful anime girl blog, and finally a deep introspective that has evolved into the memoir blog of a transgender girl.

Now I have a supposed 100 people who clicked that silly “Follow” button. To that I say…

Thank you very much for reaching out to this quiet, ambitious introverted girl with a feisty front.

Here’s a proposition though: How about we all start fresh shall we? Let me know you’re real with a “Like” or a comment. I already know I will not receive a total of 100 Likes and comments, but here is a rare opportunity to raise your voice. In return, I will do all I can to return your gesture soon & use this post to keep your blog in mind in the future.

I sincerely hope you continue to find value in this humble space of mine as I reach out with honesty, beauty, and ugliness that make me me.

And you “get rich quick” blogs with no real interest in anything but making me a statistic, kindly unfollow me so I can reach 100 again. I could get used to this.

With love,
~* Ren *~


One thought on “Reaching You: Five Reasons for Understanding Introverts

  1. I’m glad I saw this! Well you know I follow for real. 🙂 I love this post, because I consider myself an extreme introvert with high functioning extrovert skills. And it’s always hard for me, but I push through because I’ve had very isolated periods where there was no communication with anyone except my parents. Anyway, I wish the entire world had more knowledge about introverts because I think people misinterpret alot of things introverts do, b/c they don’t know about the inclination or whatever. Anyway, I hope all is well with you, in life and work.

    FYI, I’ll around on WP (just less). On my other platforms – once a month til I finish ALL projects.

    Signed ex master procrastinator (lol). 🙂

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