[Short Story] On The Wall

original_poaro“On The Wall” is my first short story published on FictionPress.com. I spent no more than about ninety minutes writing and doing slight tweaking. I left it alone after that and opened my account. To be honest, I’m more adept at long-form storytelling, but in the interest of personal time, I decided to go with short stories that I unravel from a single idea with little to no revisions.

Read “On The Wall”: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3183060/1/On-The-Wall

Excerpt: She looked about her room, freshly painted for her own pleasure. The key to the small room in which she stood had recently been handed over to her after paying a hefty sum. Everything she had done – all the odd jobs, ass-kissing, putting up with her father’s unreasonable dominance, and the loop of restless working hours – had led up to finally obtaining a place of her own. At age 30, she had finally achieved what had slipped out of her grasp year after year.

This is the first and last time I’ll note that I will likely be posting old writings on my Fanfiction.net account as well as on FictionPress if there is too much of a lull between making time to compose something new. Please let me know if you liked or didn’t like something about my stories. If for nothing else, I’m doing this to learn and share my heart in a stylistic medium. Thanks…


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