Stranger than fiction

Loved that movie…

On a whim, I decided to open a FictionPress account. Initially, I only wanted to write random fanfiction with my newly created account, but decided to start with doing what actually holds the most value to me: Composing inspired prose.

No idea how much I will actually write, but it’s time I get a little more active with my imagination and see if I actually have a gift. Especially since I will be deliberately foregoing the editing process in an attempt to get out of my head and simply write stories other than recording my personal journey.

I have a newly written piece that I will share in a separate blog entry. Or if you are finding this super late, you can just start here.

Please let me know if you liked anything.


3 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction

  1. I recognize this journey, throughout the years I’ve had to struggle to establish my homes, each one falling short in some important element. But I also recognize claiming and redefining reality, so one is empowered, the choice celebrated instead of stomped out. So I enjoyed your first piece quite alot.

    Been there. Thanks for sharing…

    1. I’m thankful knowing someone found some manner of connection with my piece. You & I both know that’s why we create – for the person that will walk away with something worth their time spent engaged.

      Thank YOU for taking the time.

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