Don’t Drink December

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After Thanksgiving weekend passed, I decided to start a little self-assessment for myself called Don’t Drink December. Why did I start this? Funny story actually.

A bit before Thanksgiving, my mum randomly asked me had I been sick. I brushed it off as I tried to reason how in the world she knew when she was not home when it happened. She asked again the day before Thanksgiving & I had to ask. Come to find out in the most embarrassing way that she knew about me getting sick after a drinking session by the lingered smell of expulsion that I had apparently not dispelled well enough near the bathtub…

Yah. First time for everything really.

After drinking tequila that my artsy friend’s fiancée had around and dealing with another mild hangover the following day, I began wondering what exactly was I doing to myself weekend after weekend. I’m not an alcoholic by any means, but I realized that as a social drinker, I do, in fact binge. I also noticed that my body has developed an itch for alcohol come the weekend.

Clearly, I have been developing a slight dependency. I refuse to allow that to happen.

Basically, I have given up alcohol for the entire month. I’m almost certain that December is the most popular month for drinking for big parties and the upcoming new year. So what better month to curb myself to prove I’m not addicted and always drink responsibly.

To be honest, I already know doing this will be easy since none of my friends drink and I’m an introvert workaholic that has to force myself to attend most parties. Though for others, this may be a challenge. Again, Don’t Drink December is just an official way to remind my body that I can do without all forms of intoxication anytime anywhere.

December is almost half over, and I’m still getting the bit of an itch as Friday rolls in. Will share the outcome when January arrives.


One thought on “Don’t Drink December

  1. You can do it, but it’s a discipline that will take a little time. Just keep reminding yourself… 🙂 By the way, posted a new post. PW in post before it, if you’re interested.

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