With or without megane?

Had to have taken around fifty or so pictures in the span of a half hour. I’m really not good at this selfie thing. This is also the first time I’ve ever used the word “selfie” for anything…now that it has been officially recognized by Oxford dictionary as Word of the Year.

So um…I guess this is in memory of traditional English. As if our language isn’t difficult enough. May our broken excuse for a language rest in peace…

So now that my face is even more public than it already was, I hope someone will have an opinion on whether I’m better with or without megane.


7 thoughts on “With or without megane?

  1. Visiting Blog today and glad I did. Your glasses are great, they are attractive without breaking up your face. You look the same with or without. Both looks are nice! 🙂 One look says I’m in my studious/work/professional mode though.

    So it’s up to you what you want to express….

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