Lies to hide what’s inside

Pixiv @ matsuryux: China Kousaka – Gundam Build Fighters
I’m an actor. You’re an actor. We all are actors. But where does it get us?

When someone asks you that wonderful loaded question “how are you?”, chances are you, like most of us, have been pre-programmed with some auto-reply variant of, “I’m doing well. Yourself?” And they too, having inquired first, are ready to shoot back, “I’m doing well also!” with a smile on their face. Sometimes we are sincere, but all of us are guilty of putting on an act at one time or another.

Somewhere along the path that is our life, we became content with the idea that hiding our thoughts from those around us would protect us. To avoid confrontation, time loss, or just people in general, we have truly become actors on the world’s stage where no one can truly understand each other. The majority of us have accepted that it is not our place to think we should burden others or lift a finger to potentially ease someone’s pain. Especially if it means getting ahead.

After all, if we are not so fortunate to be in a committed relationship, who would be willing to give up their time to ease our pain?

Humanity has been conditioned for survival and self-preservation. We quickly learn that we look out for ourselves. Don’t talk to strangers. Problem is, we still can’t seem to realize a higher truth: We need each other. We need to understand one another even when we don’t agree. Even though we have loved ones and friends who are willing to be in out corner & care about us, could we somehow increase our collective harmonization with others outside of our circle?

Envisioning a world where being real is commonplace, honestly tell a co-worker or a new face, “I’m not too great, but I’m living” is fascinating; it is an impossibility in any society due to our survival instincts. However, if more people were attuned to the well-being of their fellow homo-sapiens, I wonder how many lives would be spared simply because they dared to go beyond the knee jerk lie and, as actors do, opened their hearts in a moment of truth.

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