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A lot of the thoughts and feelings shared of “passing”, not being sure of what is and was different about oneself, and seeking self-acceptance in pursuing the truth of one’s gender within a discriminatory and unforgiving society are considerations that I resonate with. A good read…

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I found this interesting and thought i would share…

One Transgender Woman’s Journey from Passable to Visible

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3 thoughts on “An Interesting Article

  1. This reminded me alot of a friend I’ve been out of contact with since I deleted my Facebook. I’m going to find her this week. I identify with what D’Ambrosia says at the end about her, my friend Steph is as real as they come. I just hit a wee hump in the road around fundraising on Facebook and hit that profile delete button.

    The thing I thought about while reading it was that writers, politicians, activists, public speakers, anyone who is out front needs to start speaking about the reasons to get around prejudice. I think it creates it’s own kind of imprint, and eventually people hear. In other words, collectively we have to work on this society, just like our parents had to during the Civil Rights struggle.

    I have a few Trans friends, passable and non, but I sort of feel like we need to re-orient people’s minds. Because “passable,” can’t remain the given for people to be able to attain a quality life (job). It’s oppressive, like when it was required to be white to do everything back in the day.

    Great read Ren’Ai…

    1. Glad you got something out of this article, Tanyeno! Thank you for your comment also.

      I agree that a collective effort does need to be put into action if we are to see change in the way our society perceives trans* individuals. Strides are being made in the LGB portions, but there is still this “prejudice” and ignorance that permeates public perception for the “T” portion due, by-in-large, from lack of education. Trans* persons are viewed as alien akin to your metaphoric reference to the Civil War & African-Americans – if only humanity could viscerally understand that we are all human beings at the end of the day who deserve the same opportunities. We are surely more than capable of contributing in every sector of society.

      We are so locked in this binary of what humans should be with little regard to who we can be. Those who do not qualify as “passable” have to be so much stronger than the others because of how we all have been trained to perceive our species on a sexual level. It’s a shame that this “reorientation” may only occur through more support by those outside of the LGBT community acknowledging the humanity that trans* people also carry.

      Hope you are able to find your friend and that you two can reconcile. : )

  2. I do think it’s lack of education. However, social media is exposing people every day to life beyond their conditioning. I get really worried about the neo cons sometimes, then I remember their children are all over Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc., All that, allows for exposure on some counts to perspective that may be beyond their perimeters (but that goes for everyone to some extent). So, blogs and comments are important cuz this going viral phenomenon is going to help the education end to a large degree I think.

    And you are right about non-passable people having to be stronger because of how we have been trained to perceive our species on a sexual level. We are sooooo trained. The problem is the training is unconscious for so many people. They don’t even know they’re tastes are suggested.

    In your opinion, how do you think the acknowledgement/support of those outside of the LGBT community of trans* people’s humanity can be powerfully produced? What avenues of education do you think are important?

    Thanks for the well wishes concerning Stephanie – you reminded me!

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