Do I see what you see

renai_962This is not an entry about me. This is about you. For you.

For us.

We don’t think very much of ourselves when it comes to what we see in the mirror. Goodness knows I don’t. Reasons vary for why that is, but it certainly proves that women work so hard to maintain a sense of “beauty” that we have a difficult time acknowledging unless we go the whole mile. In America at least, we are bombarded with numerous magazines featuring finely airbrushed women and minor flaws reshaped or photo-edited out completely. Very few embrace in the idea of “natural beauty” because our culture seemingly does not encourage its existence as a source of empowerment.

My artsy friend, whom I can vouch for, has told me that he loves females who are comfortable with showing their natural beauty, rather than those who glamourize themselves to hide it. It’s a rare trait in females who don’t buy into the propaganda and pop culture, abstaining from the use of makeup. And we applaud those brave women for pulling that off better than we could. Even when they are ambivalent by choice.

However, many of us have individual reasons why that isn’t for all of us. Some of us enjoy the process of beautifying ourselves & finding better techniques (like me). Some of us want to impress someone special. Some of us want to forget that we have wrinkles or blemishes so we can impress ourselves with our dexterity.

Perhaps we are missing something important…

We have heard this time and time again that how we see ourselves is considerably different from how others see us. We have so much going on inside of us emotionally and around us socially that we want to somehow align how we feel about ourselves to what is outwardly shown. It’s a phenomenon that we rarely seem to wrap our heads around and achieve daily. Ultimately, when asked about our physical features without the aid of a mirror, we immediately downplay every attractive quality that we have so as not to appear vain and turn the compliment onto them.

The experiment shown in this video brings the idea of natural beauty into perspective for many women who are participating. I almost ignored the link in my feed because it couldn’t possibly be anything of value. On the contrary, I was so deeply touched after watching this that I had to share it here.

This may take some getting used to, but let’s find those things about ourselves that make us feel beautiful and look to ourselves first before asking someone else. Girls and ladies, may we all remember that despite what magazines, billboards, commercials, high-end products, and even the worst of people infer about our lingering desire to “fix” ourselves for the world, we are all more beautiful than we may believe we are.

– Ren’Ai


6 thoughts on “Do I see what you see

  1. This made me cry. I knew you were some kind of gift…I just knew it.
    I felt it.

    That video and your presenting it, was probably the most loving thing I’ve experienced in recent days.


    For finding, then posting this video for us. [Virtual Hug.] Now I can dry my eyes and finish my coffee! Lol.

    1. Tanyeno, you give me too much credit…but thank you for your wonderful, heartfelt comment. ::hugs:: I’m very thankful you found my perspective relatable. It’s not every day that someone is touched by something I’ve written. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity.

      Also, thank you for reblogging my entry. You are the first person who has ever done so.

      I also must apologize for replying to you so late. Things have not been well with me, and I tend to step away from everything so as not to drag anyone down…

      1. Hi Ren’Ai!!!

        Are you okay? I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit a storm. You will be in my thoughts/prayers luv. I know what that’s like, I’ve been slammed with one this year and last year it was my entire year. I drop out too.

        No worries, I’m here.

        Ren’Ai….no….I gave credit where it was due. In your presentation of the video it showed such a beautiful sisterly generosity. You called our attention to it as an import watch (and you know people tend to tune out video posts thinking they’ll get caught watching something boring). Others don’t even like posting them, but you did it thinking it’s something we should see.

        And it shifted my life a little, but that little is huge in my world. So I thank-you and still give you the credit for being so generous.

        I love that it is on my blog too, because I return to the things which I’ve reblogged to experience again and again. I only reblog stuff I find really powerful. So thank-you again.

        But I sincerely hope you will be okay Ren’Ai.

        And I had an idea something was wrong cuz I didn’t see any posts from you in my cue. And you won’t be dragging me down, Ren’Ai. I’ve been through a few genuinely horrendous things and I like to give friends support when they go through theirs (because I had some and if I hadn’t…oh my…)

        So light, healing, support and love surround you Ren’Ai. Things will get better, can’t rain forever luv.


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