Romance is dead. Long live romance.

renai_838Has anyone else noticed how much our personal and romantic choices have become defined by the content of someone’s User Profile?

This just hit me a few days ago. Nothing regarding a person’s marital status seems official anymore unless a person alters their Facebook status. People will go out of their way to “stalk” a person to find out whether they are tied down. Dating sites have become the modernized matchmaker; very few people meet through happenstance and blossom from that one-in-a-million chance.

For me, romance has become a frustrating thorn in my side. The more social I become due to work or whatever, the more I come across well-to-do people who I enjoy talking to. Problem is, we live in this crazy interconnected world where very few people are open about their feelings. We’ve become so dependent on technology that we don’t know how to connect face-to-face. Society is jaded to physical contact and communication that I can never tell if if someone is interested in me or they are just being nice.

And then when you put yourself out there, they immediately backpedal rather than clarifying themselves.

This is why romance is no longer a priority of mine. I was once a romantic dreamer, planning out my hopes and timing of potential relationship and marriage. Now, I can’t even be bothered with almost anyone because no one can be honest. More and more people won’t take the risk in fear of wasting their time or just flat out don’t want to give me a chance.

Love is a risk that can pay off if both understand that it’s not only themselves putting themselves in danger. Like I said though, we stalk people. We go through screening processes on dating sites. We find ways to circumvent Facebook’s convoluted Privacy settings to gain some hint on an interest’s Relationship Status.

Anything to avoid caring about someone more than is necessary. We’re constantly at a distance. From afar. Our guard up. Just like me.

This is the world we live in.

This is reality, and I’ve damn well near given up on trying to believe anyone will be any different.


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