Writing for no one

renai_825Something I haven’t done in a long time is just write for the sake of writing. I don’t mean writing here. I mean in general. Yes I tweet a bunch of bullshit the number people equivalent to the number of fingers on my hand care about, but that’s not really writing. It’s spurts of expressing rather than a complete piece with a beginning, middle, and end. I’m sure some will say that you don’t need to bother with being technical when it comes to free-writing, and I’m so apt to agree with that mentality.

Problem is, I care too much.

I care about spending my time wisely. About expressing myself clearly. About creating something that will not just tell a complete story, but give someone a reason to give a damn about said story. Because of all these seemingly practical thoughts any good writer would keep in check, that ultimately leads me to produce nothing.

That is exactly why 36 days later, nothing has been written in this blog.

And that abandonment of that meaningless crutch is exactly why 37 days later, I am writing here.

Honestly, I’m just sharing my thoughts about 1) why the fuck I’m such a lazy ass, 2) am doing a horrible job justifying why anyone should care about what I write here, and 3) nothing. I spend my days writing other people’s shit, and at the end of the day, there’s no desire to crack WP open & write something about my day. Either I’m too tired, can’t be arsed, or just don’t want to share. So, despite it being so late, here I am writing in circles in my blog.

Guess what? Damn glad I did. For my own sake, I hope to do this more. Else I’ll never tackle writing a novella.


3 thoughts on “Writing for no one

    1. Oh yes, still functioning in our wonderful society~ : ) Wish I could say I’d be doing more of this free-writing, but who knows? Thanks for checking in with me, of course!

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