For as long as I have had a heart to be broken, this is a truth I have always known. Why people feel the need to do such things I will never understand.


First, you’re going to meet him somewhere. But that’s not the part where he directly asks for your number and take you out on a date the next day. You’re first going to stare at each other’s eyes a million times until your inner being says ‘Fuck it. I’ll talk to him’. But no, you’ll never come up and talk to him. You’re going to wait for the right moment and eventually, after all the waiting, wondering and hoping, it will happen.

He’s going to ask for your number and ask you out after your 1000th text. You’re going to have an amazing time and realize you’re completely and utterly head over heels. It’s going to feel great. It’s going to feel like one of the best things that could ever happen. And, somehow, it is.

Then you’re going to worry. You’ll worry that you’re not good enough. You’ll worry…

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