Book Review: Tickle My Tush


I’ve had this book for like…6-7 months. This is like REALLY overdue. Apologies for that.

Being offered a reviewer’s copy of Dr. Sadie Allison’s Tickle My Tush was a turning point in my life. And when I say “life” I mean my life as a single, bi-gender blogger. Never in my dreams did I think I would have an opportunity to review a newly published work of such honest and intimate quality. I was very hesitant to accept the offer, given the content. However, to expand my horizons and possibly learn a thing or two, I took the risk. Seeing as how I have never reviewed a book in my life, I will do my best to paint a picture of what to expect and my personal perspective towards a work that touches and peeks in the naughtiest of places.

Let me start off by saying that Tickle My Tush is by far the boldest, most comprehensive piece of anatomical work I have ever had the awkward pleasure of picking up. I don’t claim to have read a ton of stuff, but this is certainly a book that isn’t afraid to make cheesy puns to remind you that this sort of intimacy between lovers is mean to be fun and pleasurable. For crying out loud, the quote ‘Bootylicious!’ is on the cover. You know what you’re getting into from the start, though the puckering ruby lips on said cover was a clever diversion.

The chapters begin with basic guidelines and terminology to keep in mind when engaging in anal-play. There is enough step-by-step information to leave the reader(s) engaged and curious and enough visual cues to keep the read interesting. Most of all, Dr. Allison takes great care to not skimp on the biological details that explain how sensory pleasure is felt and why everything in each particular location of the backside works the way it does. Even if you’ve never considered anal pleasuring and never will, you are sure to get the taboo lesson in Sex Ed just by reading this book.

If nothing else, “fun” and “safety” are the two most prominent themes in this book. Dr. Allison’s casual writing style focuses heavily on the idea of keeping the experience comfortable for both persons. Tasteful visual examples allow the reader to follow and understand the implications of each level of pleasure to ensure that there is sufficient communication between both parties. To put this into perspective, the real hardcore sex position stuff doesn’t come into play until the final chapters. Believe me when I say that Dr. Allison understands the nuances necessary for prepping, “warming up”, finger-play, and penetration on levels you never thought existed.

Overall, Tickle My Tush is a candid, yet highly visceral adventure that educates regarding myths & misconceptions, and succinctly guides the reader though the many layers of backdoor pleasure from start to finish. Campy puns abound with artwork that will bring back memories of your badly taught high school Health class. Dr. Sadie Allison’s expertise combined with honest, casual language makes this read nothing short of a pleasure trip for the reader(s) partaking. I honestly cannot imagine any other book as concise about the unspoken, taboo mysteries of anal pleasure than Tickle My Tush.

I give this book 4 of 5 glasses. See more legit positive reviews on Amazon.


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