Crossover Complications

I think anyone would agree that having any manner of lump between the inner thigh and crotch area is not a good sign and means for justified concern. This has occurred multiple times in the past, which ultimately resulted in lots of pain – the cause attributed to gas build-up. This time, I don’t believe I am so lucky.

According to Google & discernable symptoms, I may have a hernia.

As much as I love not knowing the cause of some abnormality with my body so I have to research it or go to the doctor for a lazy diagnosis, this is one instance where I believe I actually know why this happened and why I’m not going to enjoy sharing this with my doctor. Despite having successfully put my genitals through panty hell a number of times already, it frustrates me that this past Sunday may have been too much arbitrary leg-crossing. What’s worse, thinking that this could possibly be another case of gas prompted more poking. Not the smartest idea, as now, two days prior experiencing no pain, I now experience constant discomfort to the point of not being able to sit comfortably. I am so lucky that it has yet to last an entire day.

With that said, a doctor’s visit is in order before it gets worse. Ponying up $15 or so just to be told what I already suspect will hopefully result in some manner of painless, uncomplicated medication that will allow me to enjoy my time away this weekend at a friend’s house. The fucking irony of me actually having a legit excuse for not going into work for once is disgusting…and discomforting.

To make up for this awkward, unsightly TMI post, here is a pic of me being slightly less unsightly. Friends seemed to like this shot most. It’s also my favorite so far. Forgive me if you don’t agree, but I’m only fulfilling a request.

Wish me well?

P.S. The guy I spoke about in my previous entry emailed me and invited me out. I accepted. Not satisfied with that bit of info? Why the hell aren’t you following me on Twitter yet?


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