The first time is always the sweetest…

If you have been following my Twitter account (see sidebar), you would know that I have obtained proper dressing clothes rather than just wearing my own. My mum was the one responsible for making such a thing possible. By her doing so, I learned a lot, and will likely not require her by my side the next time I want to buy clothes. Not to sound as if I’m using her, but she has taught me many things and unknowingly supports my self-expressive passion. Chances are, she’s enjoying what this strange turn of events in my life has caused us to spend more time together. I even showed her a picture from my last practice session to get feedback on what I could improve about my make-up styling.

Anyway, I actually dressed tonight for the first time in a generic Japanese schoolgirl outfit I ordered online. There are many more outfits I’ve seen that I’d like to buy, but for now, that one – a bit oversized as it may be – will do. The results were amazing, as the clothes enhanced my femininity and made me feel much more confident in myself and make-up work. I was so very happy, and every time I dress I’m happy. I only wish I could apply make-up faster and with better accuracy. Even more than that, I wish I didn’t have to clean myself up afterward just so no one in the house sees what I spend my lonely late weekend nights doing. It’s terribly depressing for me to do away with my identity after recapturing it, especially now that I have nice clothes – I do have actual clothes as I’m aware a seifuku is not “real” clothing. Best thing is, I know my clothes are nice because a middle-aged lady complimented the jacket I chose and eventually bought despite it being a little tight on me.

I’ll be testing out shaving every day this weekend to see how my skin holds up, and will probably have another crossdressing and makeup session on Sunday night. Definitely want to buy some fake glasses to go with my contacts. Need to uphold the meganekko spirit especially in my girlish form.

You really have no idea how excited I am…and how happy I am to look cute. Maybe even attractive…but that would be pushing it most likely.


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