Just Be Honest

Let me say this much. I would like to connect more with crossdressers, artsy people, and anime fans. I enjoy these things and, despite my abrasiveness, am not impossible to have a conversation with. However, perhaps I need to just be a little more honest.

Let’s start with Twitter.

I technically have 20 followers. 95% of the time, I am not @replying (or vice-versa) because only 2-4 of these 20 actually engage with me. I tweeted something today that is very true:


All I’m looking for is interaction with people who might find the difficult topics of life and the openness of my crossdressing/makeup-wearing thoughts & considerations worth following me for. I don’t need a ton of followers as I made clear in a past entry. I just like likeminded people, but I’m almost certain people think I’m some sort of psycho or RPer. Oh well.

Moving on, I’m a creative/opinion writer and was recently asked to write a review about a certain sex education book.


I’m working my way through it, and learning a good deal from it. Since it was sent to me for free, I will write some semblance of a review in the future. No doubt I will likely surprise myself with the shit I will throw down here (pun not intended, you filthy, filthy person).

Lastly, I still watch anime. More anime than you probably think someone with my aptitude for crass language and snarky banter would. I just don’t blog about it anymore since I will admit that my intent was skewed towards finding my edge with this blog. I love meganekkos and would love to keep writing about them, but maybe I’ll start doing that only for the ones that really make me crazy.

Oh, and one more thing.

Apologies to anyone who has happened to come here, left a comment, not be responded to, and then wonder why they gave a shit about me in a first place. I’m perfectly aware that you have no obligation to say anything, but in my feeble attempt to build some manner of support circle with others who share in my self-expressionism of crossdressing (and hopefully other fascinating life pursuits), I will make an effort to reply and give at least a two cent helping over at your blog if you have one.

P.S. I am actually very shy when it comes to people who know more about a certain thing than I do.

As the popular Luka Megurine song goes: “All we gotta do is just be friends.”




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