Just (Not) Married

The wedding and the reception were beautiful and enjoyable respectively. That couple surely knows how to throw a party. I don’t know how in the world they afforded such a gorgeous venue, but I think my $100 gift that I put in the card my mum & I shared should help them out a little. I drank so much wine…XD

Seeing old classmates and meeting their significant others was also very nice. Remember how I said in my previous entry that I hope I could make some connections by being social? I did make one connection with the husband of a classmate of mine who offered to pitch my resume to HR in the entertainment company he works for. I also made an indirect one through a classmate’s boyfriend who develops apps in Cali & is getting funded in NYC. The conversations were livelier than I expected; my ability to not only be confident but also have knowledge to contribute from living just made our talks that much more stimulating. The app devver guy even said I was “the most interesting person he had met tonight” and wished me well. That’s certainly something well to do.

Watching those two get married reminded me of how much things have changed in my life. The simple days of fickle responsibility, school life, etc. are over. We’re all adults now. The fears we once may have had have been quelled simply by experiencing life as it came at us head-on. Most of all, I realized that everyone I knew seemed to have found their place in the world with someone by their side.

I watch two people I knew in high school get married.

I talk to a girl I once had a crush on who has already had two children.

I have an engaging business conversation with a girl I never had a chance to speak to. That girl has had a boyfriend for 6 years, and I talk to him too.

I find out that a girl I rarely spoke to and my friend whom I was once close with are getting married next year.

I speak to the sister of the groom, whom I knew as a pre-teen, who now has a child.

Ren’Ai sits there wondering what she’s doing wrong to still have nothing to show for her capacity to love.

I danced a little, then danced more once the wine started to hit. My friend, the groom, asked me why I am so thin while he has a gut. My answer: “Just work out. What happened to all that basketball you used to play? You can lose it.” Him & I were also on the cross country team in high school. There’s not much excuse other than loss of discipline.

People know I don’t fret about being single, as I talked about it with a smile on my face all day today. It just feels odd to somehow be the only one who seems to be doing it wrong. No one made a big deal of it. My time will come I guess.

I’m tired from all that fine dining, dancing, and mingling. Bye now.


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