Legs Are Sexy

It’s pretty sad when the best thing that happened to you all day was testing out Nair hair removal and it ACTUALLY WORKS!

GOD I LOVE MY LEGS NOW! I’m seriously NEVER dealing with hair down that way EVER AGAIN now that I’ve tested it on myself. I couldn’t believe they were my legs. They’re so smooth and pretty now. Yes, pretty. I work out so yeah. I kept touching them to make sure they were actually mine. I missed a few spots and plan on finishing the job tomorrow.

Nothing feels sexier than smooth legs and appropriate underwear. Honestly.

But after lotioning and all that, I realized how natural it felt to just take care of myself like this. I’ve either had to deal with someone watching me, I was broke, or I didn’t know what I could do. Or worse, I was just in turmoil and eventually broke multiple times out of necessity to keep up public appearances.

But now that I’m starting to get paid regularly, I saw no reason why I shouldn’t take this step even though I don’t live alone yet. Getting rid of this hair was liberating – I don’t think you understand where I’m coming from though. Every clump of hair that came off, I was that much in awe of myself, relieved I was actually doing this, and genuinely happy it was happening. I don’t have to explain to anyone how troublesome and disgusting it is to have any manner of visible leg/bikini area hair. It goes beyond that.

This is another step towards what I’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to have. I’m still afraid of being judged, but it’s the small steps that count. I’m moving closer to the me I’ve been denying myself for most of my life…and it’s making me excited all over again. I can’t wait until I have enough money to buy proper makeup kits, a nail filer, and a schoolgirl outfit. Can’t wait to wear a nice skirt or a dressy blouse with pants like Rin Asogi.

I won’t be ready by the next anime outing I go to, but maybe the one after next. It’ll be nerve-wreaking, but I’m hoping my friends will encourage me and be honest about how I look.

How THIS for a more cheerful post, eh? =^_^=

P.S. My clogged ear now gives me a dull pain/headache. Hoping my $15 to the doctor tomorrow fixes me and I can get a permanent solution to my stupid ear wax issue. Also going to lay off the alcohol for a while longer. My eye twitching seems to be leveling off, and that’s the only reason why I could imagine it would be happening besides stress. Yay.


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