What RenAi Learned From Twitter

First off, I’ve decided to remove privacy restrictions from this blog. So now everyone can come here and leave after 3 seconds.

Secondly, whatever anyone reads here is at their and my own risk.

Finally, anyone who takes anything I write here personally is a dumbass unless I’m writing your name. If you don’t see your name, fuck you and your opinions.

Great. Now that that’s out the way, let me share what I’ve learned from being on Twitter for almost two months. Warning, some of this may be self-explanatory, but I swear I’m not trying to insult your intelligence.

  • It’s not about you. No one can give two shits if you’re pooping, going to bed, or have an opinion about the meaning of life. The point of Twitter (and pretty much any other social media thingy out there) is to provide value. My value is that I’m a beginner cross-dresser with sexuality issues who likes to make light out of life. That has gotten me a whopping 10 followers, but I attest that to the fact that I have no experience. So all I do is talk shit and RT Zodiacs. Anyway, it’s what can you can share with people that will make them so committed to yours (AND OTHERS’) info that they will care about the mundane nonsense you tweet on the side and say “goodnight” to you.

    If you want to talk about yourself, make a blog. Like me.

  • Anyone with over 10k followers is likely not going to give two shits about your @reply. Get over it. Even if they ask a general question, they are likely NOT going to respond back to you directly, if at all.
  • Follow for value, NOT to be followed in return. If you don’t seek people to follow, chances are you are going to stay somewhere between 10-25 followers who you likely already knew before Twitter anyway. Find people who are into the same things you are. Once you follow them, engage them. After a few conversations, they MIGHT decide to follow you back, but again, don’t expect it. And god, DON’T ask for it either (though it doesn’t hurt to ask for what you want, I find it rude in this case).
  • Be yourself. Who I am here is generally what you get on Twitter. However, there are many people who create “role playing” accounts to be someone who is miles away from any normal human. Anyone who has a constant personality that seems to never have any way of realistic lifestyle is probably one of these “accounts.” Don’t deal with them and if they follow you, block them. They’ve got nothing to offer you.

Pretty sure that’s everything. Follow me on Twitter and say hey. Could use some anime fetish / Xdressers / transvestites on my time line.


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