Was “in the mood” to browse some crossdressing sources again for when my mother will finally start training me in the ways of makeup. Spent my entire escapade in here and, for once, came across some worthwhile stuff that I know I’ll want/need.

For example, silicon breast forms will be nice to have so I don’t appear flat, but their selection doesn’t seem to fit me, skin-tone wise. I’ll have to look more into that. There’s also a handy little shaving thing that can remove hair, which I absolutely must get after shopping around a bit. Have I mentioned how much I fucking HATE facial/pubic hair?

Okay. Now that I’m past the more awkward topic matter I’m not linking to, here’s the more fun, cute stuff…


Wine Plaid Skirt & Black and Light Gray Mini Plaid Skirt: Probably the cutest things I saw on the site! No, they definitely ARE the cutest things I’d love to wear~ The pink one is totally because I’m in love with Mari Makinami and the other is my personal taste.


Mary Janes & LD-Kitt: To keep things varied, I’d likely wear the Mary Janes in black along with the skirt and the LD-Kitts with something a bit more dressy. Those seem my speed though.


Cheyenne: Beautiful wig that has a bit of an asian feel to it while still seeming too off. All the others seemed too retro or Caucasian-centered. There’s still another wig that I found on another site that I hope I blogged about before that was definitely my type, but I think this wig is adorable. Mainly with the schoolgirl look I’m customizing… >_>


Ehhh, there’s no point to linking to their bras since I won’t care too much about how it looks. Just want something that works and isn’t difficult…


Black Blouse w/ Belt: I don’t know if it’s just me or that their selection was pretty ugly overall, but this is the only thing that appealed to me. I’m generally very low-key with my choice of top, but this seems like it could work in both casual and semi-formal situations, which I like. Blouse-wise, I like buttons and collars so I can wear a tie. Ties on females are attractive to me so naturally I’m going for a preppy/office look as I know I could make that fly.


Again, I’m very simple with these. Just give me something that’s black and smooth and I’m good. This site focused a lot on fishnet, which is okay for sexy time (no where near ready for that), but not when I just want to be plain and cute.

Really trying to figure out where I stand with everything on a basic level so I can eventually know what I like naturally if I ever start shopping in a physical store.

By the way, am I the only one who has noticed that I keep coming in and out of what appears to be this phase where I feel like dressing and then suddenly slink back into the depths of reality? Yeah, and it usually happens when I’m going through a hard time (i.e. life’s bullshit). I don’t particularly get it, but this isn’t something that’s just going to go away. One thing is certain: I’ll always be Ren’Ai in this world.

I hope I can find more support in this world as well before I get swallowed up by criticism. Or worse, have someone break up with me again because they don’t like this side of me that I’m actually more than willing to put aside for someone who can at least accept it.


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