Oh look. WordPress changed the Dashboard again. Eh, I’m fine with it.

Oh look, Ren’Ai got herself a Twitter. You know you want it.

Anyway, let’s start with why I got a Twitter in the first place. I want to be more open with my feelings about various topics, but mostly I just want to be an obnoxious bitch. Okay, that’s only partly true, but I’m also doing an experiment to see just how Twitter functions as a social medium without giving a shit who follows me or doesn’t. So I’ll be keeping track of that here maybe…Okay fine let me just start this off.

Week 1: Don’t Give A Shit Tweeting

I publicly tweet (occasionally RT) without a care in the world about myself with little to zero emphasis on community/Following and contributing almost nothing of public interest.
Twitter Account Created: May 19th
Tweets since opening: 56
Users Followed: 2
Users Following: 4
Users Following that I Follow: 2
Users Following that I Somehow Earned: 2
Followers that have @replied: 1

So tomorrow will be a week since my account was made. I will then switch my strategy to:

Week 2: Sort of Not Give A Shit Tweeting

Will follow 10-20 REAL people/organizations I deem interesting/likeminded, but continue to contribute nothing but me-focused tweets (and the occasional RT).

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. Twitter’s active community is somewhere in the hundreds of thousands. I don’t particularly care if I piss someone off, but it won’t be because I was trying to either. Either way, not giving a shit for the sake of a real and interesting Twitter experiment might shed some light on how people could be interacting on Twitter and why tons of people don’t understand why Twitter doesn’t work for them.

And *gasp* I might even have a reason to make this boring, disturbing pile-of-shit blog public again!

As for what I originally intended to write about, check the next entry.


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