Cut and dry tonight will be. And that is some weird English right there.

Very tired from pretty much traveling in and out of NYC 6 out of 7 days last week with the only day being because I took a day to go to the doctor for my ear. Speaking of that, it seems I did have a ton of wax build-up lodged very deep. So deep that it took about 20 minutes of syringe flushing at the doctor’s office to get it all out. However after all had been done, I still had eye twitching (which 4-5 days later I still have), and was having dull headaches consistently. Both, of which, still had me concerned that maybe I still have something infectious going on. Though I still can’t flush air out of my right ear completely, I’m going to see if perhaps the eye twitching subsides. I also didn’t have a headache today, so that’s good news too. The eye twitching could very well be from me not getting enough sleep.

Which is exactly why I won’t be dicking around writing this tonight so I can go to bed.

Gave some more guidance to an online acquaintance of mine today. She really is trying her best to understand herself and the person she likes a lot, and I think she’ll get it eventually. After today though, I doubt I’ll be called upon for more questions for a while. Seems things are starting to click and that’s what’s important.

So a woman comes into the break room this morning while I’m making my usual bowl of oatmeal. As usual, I’m minding my own business since I’m already later than usual getting into the office. Suddenly, she balks at me saying “You…You eat three of those…?!” “Those” being the Quaker Oatmeal packets. I nonchalantly give an affirming answer, not finding it odd at all and even tell her that I like to feel full. As if her balking was meant to break the ice, she launches into a small tirade about how using a plastic bowl in the microwave is bad because of all the chemicals that can seep into the food. I was put off for a second, but I quickly told her I have always wanted to have a glass bowl because I care about maintaining my health. In the back of my mind I scoffed saying, Maybe if I wasn’t getting the boot in two weeks, I’d bother to bring in something like that. Enjoy your stability, bitch.. I thanked her outloud for the tip and went on my way. I may bother to steal a bowl-like container tomorrow to use.

I might as well record this too. I’m probably extra exhausted because I was up until almost 5AM Friday morning following streaming Japanese news and tweets about the tsunami and earthquakes. I was such an emotional mess, and to see such devastation to a country I love really made it impossible for me to sleep. Obviously I did, & went to work, but my mind was so cluttered with distraught emotions that I barely remember anything about that day other than going with Mu for sushi & working on doujinshi.

I will be going to my first Happy Hour in my life this Friday with co-workers. It’ll be nice to take part and have some drinks, but I’m not happy that I’m losing this gig in 2 weeks, along with all the great people I work with now. I’ve heard nothing back from the recruiter that called me last week about taking on a full-time position as a Web Developer. She probably didn’t think I was cut out anyway. Or maybe they’re just background checking me. Either way, I don’t want to wind up without income for any length of time. Really hoping it all pans out as it should.

Bed now.


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