Hmm so what happened today…? Guess I’ll work my way backwards.

Enlisted the aid of my FB friends to help me find a quick, painless solution to my ear issue. The end result was, for the most part, being told things I already knew. “A certain meganekko” says it could be an ear infection, but since I’ve dealt with this before, I still think it’s just an inner ear wax buildup that got lodged too far in. I really hate how wax is supposed to help keep crap out, but then becomes an issue if some gets pushed in. I’ll do my homework on my symptoms after this, since my sinuses are beginning to go nuts out of nowhere. Obviously not a good sign.

Moving on, I encountered the “hairy lady” again on the train. This time, she sat next to me, rather than the other way around. I never seem to get a good look at her because her hair is so long and curly. Almost deliberately so to cover her face. I think the last time I saw her, she looked a tad on the manly side, so that could also be it. But then I heard her talk, and it sounded womanly. So maybe she’s just hairy on her arms. I really feel bad though, since I get the feeling she gets ostracized a lot. Like no one wants to sit next to her on the train. Maybe she remembered me and thought it was okay. I doubt it though, but all I could think of is “if only someone would give her a makeover…kill off the hair on her arms or something…”

I would hate to be so self-conscious (if she even is to begin with), but when I do finally learn makeup technique and buy that wig, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be a walk in the park. I’d really like a chance to practice before I go out in public. I SOOOOO WISH I had a place to run to so I could or just my own studio. Someday…

Um…I’m pretty sure something happened today involving a female but I can’t remember. Especially now that I have fucking Autotune-The-News’s “Winning” in my head. Why must they be so creatively good?

Oh, I’ve been helping out an online friend of mine get over some close friend trauma that almost mirrors mine with my former g/f. It’s weird that I had to explain to the girl that she was feeling jealous that she no longer had with her friend what she used to. The jealousy comes in when that same friend is being huggy and friendly with me and other people and she, in turn, can’t handle it. I’ve written her a number of e-mails explaining to her just what she should do with these negative feelings since I’m very experienced. In any case, I hope she can get herself sorted out like I did in time. I know that it hurts her every time her friend (who also knows about my gender issues) is friendly with me, but I’ve already told her that her friend is just being herself and that I’m not going to stop being myself either since we’re associated. I hope she feels better since I could tell her that, while I just had to suck it up and get over it. Still need to from time to time.

I started thinking about what the con might be like with “the blue-eyed asian” and me dressed as a girl. She’s not quite a fujoshi and certainly doesn’t get a kick out of yaoi or yuri. So I wonder how she’ll take it. She’ll probably go with the flow as usual and not think anything of it. Why should I care anyway since she has no interest in me beyond friends. She knows I’m an otaku, so this’ll be another up-close-and-personal experience for her. Maybe even fun. We’ll see. I know Mu has no problem with it, which is wonderful and comforting.

Ah well. My symptoms seem to point to seeing my doctor and may or may not be urgent. Guess I’ll go another day and see what happens. This entry took way too long. =_=


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