Ugh…so tired…

Wasn’t going to write tonight, but my brother killed something in the bathroom. So I’m waiting a bit before I take my shower. Or rather, writing this so I can go to sleep as soon as I get out.

Anyway, cool stories. Came up with a brilliant idea to get my mother to show me how to do makeup. Basically told her that I’m doing an acting thing at the usual anime con I go to and I wanted to be as convincing and natural-looking as possible. She bought it like I knew she would and is going to show me makeup basics either this or next Saturday when we go file taxes together. Go me. Oh, and it’s not like I’m lying either. Just didn’t say I’m crossdressing because I want to.

The women at my job really know how to make me feel completely inferior. Not anyone that I work with directly, but overhearing conversations in the break room and shit. These two women were talking about the upcoming 4-day weekend and one of them is going to South Carolina to visit her boyfriend’s father’s side of the family. Then going to Hawaii.

What. The. Fuck.

She went on to talk about how her boyfriend’s uncle owns a condo in Hawaii or whatever and how he gave her a round-trip ticket for them to stay a while. Oh right. A co-worker of mine just got back from a 2 week vacation to Australia and New Zealand. She’s forgivable because I hear she never takes a day off and the Manager had to learn how to do her job while she was gone. But everyone else…what world do these people come from to form such relationships? I guess I don’t really understand how to play the game in NYC. Or anywhere for that matter.

Oh yeah. Valenfuckintines day.

First thing my mother says to me is that stupid obligatory shit “Happy Valentines Day” like it’s supposed to mean something. My answer: “Is it?” She paused for a second, processed what I said, and then chuckled. She then went on to ask me a number of questions that proved that maybe there’s something “happy” about it for her, but that I have no clue what that means to me.

At least I found out that she agrees that people that say they love (or care about someone deeply), and then turn around and basically say “Oh hey, I didn’t really mean any of that. I see you as a friend. So yeah.” – is severely fucked up and deceptive as shit. I flat out told her that’s happened to me one too many times. This marks the first time her and I have ever agreed on anything romance…I think.

Whatever. Think that’s all.


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