Not much happened today. It was decent.

Co-worker randomly decides to ask me ‘how did my proposal go.’ I immediately know what he’s talking about – my surprise visit to “her” job to give “her” a Christmas gift, and proceed to scoff at the mere idea of me proposing to anyone. I kindly correct him so he doesn’t feel foolish, and tell him that I only gave “her” a gift.

From that moment on, I fell back into apathy, embracing the quiet, loveless life that I am to live while the rest of my friends find happiness and get married. It’s been happening for years and it’ll be no surprise if I’m 35 and every single one of my close friends is married while I’m as single as can be. Do I care? Yes. I won’t lie. Do I care enough to complain about it and not move on with my life? Fuck no.

I was to meet with a financial advisor tomorrow, but I didn’t know that the day we had scheduled was a Thursday. I promptly returned his text apologizing for the trouble and that I can’t do Thursdays. I hate inconveniencing people, especially when it’s their job & schedule that I’m screwing with. Ahhhh well, he’s going to call me tomorrow. Hopefully we can schedule another day that works for us.

There was something else I wanted to record here but I can’t remember. Hmm well actually I did, but it’s just in reference to me not giving a shit if I’m ignored online. That’s really how everyone should be, but people get so butthurt easily these days. Whatever.

Nothing on the crossdressing forefront. I applaud the ladies wearing skirts in 15 degree weather plus wind chill.

I’m getting to bed early since my ass is getting kicked every day around 2PM at work where I can barely keep my eyes opened after eating lunch and/or drinking water. Such a hassle to have that kind of weakness.


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