Before I delve into my memories about Friday and the weekend, I want to write out an idea I just had when I was about to sit down to write just seconds ago. I realized that I’m getting into this being habitual for the most part, but there are certain elements missing that would make writing here much more…honest. I felt that my lips were chapped, so I put on chap stick as I usually do and then it hit me…

How much effort would it take to shower earlier, then dedicate 12AM-1AM to crossdressing in the privacy of my room as I write here? Probably a great deal since I don’t even have a mirror in my room, but that can be fixed easily enough. I’d just use my tv’s reflection for now, but that would be a wonderful idea overall I think.

Well…I still have a lot of work to do. Like finding clothes I like, the undergarments that fit, and the makeup that isn’t going to be a complete waste of money. I’m thinking I should start cheap, like Salvation Army cheap. Just would need to find the local one, go there on a weekend, and start browsing. I’ve never been to one so that in itself will be awkward. And given that Salvation Army is a Christian-run outfit, it’s double-awkward. Ugh…whatever. Undergarments would need to be bought from like Walmart or something. Again, some place cheap, even if it is the demon Walmart. Makeup I can find at Rite Aid, though I have no idea how much it costs since I’ve only drifted through the aisle a few times. I’ve always wanted to browse, to be honest. Eventually, I should be able to pick up all that I need in a trip or two without spending anything more than $30. Would really be nice to have someone to go with me though…

But what I’m REALLY looking forward to is wig shopping! I love wigs and I’m hoping to find a nice black one that covers my ears and goes well with my face. Long hair, of course~ I wonder how that’ll look on me…hopefully attractive. Sexy even. I haven’t started looking, but once I have money to actually shop around, I will. I may even start with a cosplay first as Kotori Takanashi. That may be the best option, but I’m still kind of figuring this all out.

Oh, very nice makeup semi-tutorial on how to apply it. I say “semi” because he’s lighter toned than me. So I’m going to have to figure what works for my pigment.

Figured out that I will need to shave legs down. Thankfully without having shaved up and cutting myself open. Safety razors are recommended, as are disposable razors. Though I have no idea what kind of cream to use or what exfoliating is. *googles* Okay…now I know, and I won’t have to buy shaving cream! I’m just glad I have more estrogen in me as proven by not being disgustingly hairy.

I have to say I’m learning a lot from trapchan. It’s nice to know that there are others who are doing this…but every time I think of “her” I start to feel uneasy about it all. I wish I knew a girl to talk about these things to…Hm..maybe I already do.

Oh, the only thing that happened on Friday besides working was that I wound up on a very crowded train coming home and unintentionally was pressing my ass against an asian guy’s shoulder that was sitting. The jerk actually shoved me a bit to get me off of him and made this angry face and sound. I was really embarrassed and just kind of stood there with my head down, trying to get as far away from him as possible.

By the way, I just realized that crossdressing would have to be without makeup because I’d have to put in on and then take it all off before I went to bed. That’s a risk because I could potentially get seen going to the bathroom. So much for practicing.

All that searching took up a bunch of time. I need sleep even though I’m not tired.


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