So I met up with the Twitter guy after some stupid song and dance with unclear directions. Not that I minded, but I was his 3rd choice to invite to go with him after his real friends bailed. Whatever. I swear NYers are so ignorant when it comes to directing someone who doesn’t come from the area. Tell me 59th. street when the fucking sign says Central Park South. Tell me 8th Ave. then wait 5 blocks east on Lexington Ave….which might I add is supposed to also be 8th ave according to him. WTF?

Ugh, the guy was nice enough, but totally a social recluse. If I wasn’t adamant about striking up conversation along the way, he would have been staring at his iPhone all night. That pretty much happened for the rest of the evening after I got food because he had apparently already eaten even though he had brought up stopping at a Starbucks before the film. The guy…was fucking scattered-brained and seemed to have no idea that he was highly contradicting. Again, he was nice enough when he did talk but no one to get “done up” for.

Not like I did. I heard his voice and almost guessed immediately what his general body type could be. And his personality wasn’t charming and I was annoyed before I even laid eyes on him. So yeah. Fucking awesome movie. Not so awesome or charming company. Of course he had no reason to be since I’m male. *bangs head on desk*

Oh, and to top it off, the guy who LIVES in NYC told me that there was a subway line very close to where we were down the street that I could hop on. Not only was their NO FUCKING SUBWAY LINE, once I got back to where I knew there was one, it was a ghost town. I have to check my sources, but it seems subways stop running after a certain hour. So thankfully I have a decent body and massive amounts of willpower that forced me to run & jog my way to where I needed to be cutting what should have been like a 45 minute walk into a 20 minute death wish. If I had missed that 1AM train, I would not have made it back to the transfer point in time for the final train back home and would have been stranded until morning.

Thank goodness I didn’t stop running even though I was wearing so many jackets and still full from Subway.

I need to shower and get to bed though. I really loved the movie and learned so much about the Evangelion franchise simply by watching it and the characters I’ve heard and sampled over time.

I’m up again at 6:30AM. So yeah. Less than 3 hrs of sleep. Night.


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