#113: Man Up

I wonder what it’s like to be a man. To have to “man up” to every word you say and every action you make.

What is it like to be in a position where everything in that moment is riding on you opening your mouth and speaking what your mind and heart believe should be possible to exist and move?

To be a man, you must go after what you want and never stop until you have the object of your desire…or don’t have it. What does a man do when you don’t have it and will never have it? Does that make them less of a man? No, it just makes what they want that much more desirable, thus fueling the hope that one day they will be man enough to obtain it.

Either that or they will find another “shiny thing” to occupy themselves…but that is being less of a man because you have given up on what you claimed you wanted and swore you would protect. How much does being a man matter when what you seek doesn’t want you back?

Would you believe that if every man was able to “man up”, the world would be a less trifling place? No man would need to hide behind a facade of testosterone or “keep their cool” when the truth kicks them between the legs. Being able to “man up” could change a situation drastically and cause a future that appears uncertain to be clear as day. All that man has to do is quit waiting for something to happen and “just do it.”

Being a man must be very difficult, because there are not many women who will “man up” for the sake of a man. The majority expect the man to be man enough to create the atmosphere for a confrontation, good or bad, while still being cautious not to hurt the woman’s feelings or make her uncomfortable. Without creating that balance, the man who intends to “man up” could single-handedly ruin their chances to craft a positive outcome. However, if they don’t “man up” enough, the woman is likely to become complacent with this and believe that this man must not have much desire for her. This, in turn, could create an endless loop of attempts to “man up” to claim what they desire but constantly failing as the woman falls deeper into complacency, for she has no obligation to “man up”.

So, I ask, what does it take to be a man to a woman who has never had someone truly “man up” enough to claim her affection, love, and trust? The answer is simple:

How willing are you to have someone that isn’t you holding her…all because you were too fucking timid to just take courage and “man up” for a potential future that only you could set into motion?

Thank the 90210 season finale for this blogging fodder…as well as a certain “blue-eyed beauty”.


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