#106: The Friending Zone

Coming to a realization about where you stand with people becomes very easy as you begin to pick up on their body language and the way they talk about you. In my case, I have come to the pleasant, yet quiet realization that right now, the “blue-eyed beauty” only sees me as a friend. Period. Nothing more. How do I know this? As I said, it’s quite simple:

1) Physical Proximity: She does not want to sit within five inches of my body. If that gap is about to be closed for some reason, she will calmly readjust her position in a way that appears to make her more comfortable while imposing the same distance again. However, she will touch my shoulder, let me pat her head, and give me one-armed hugs.

2) Overall Impressions: If she really likes something I did (or can do), she will get others to come and listen/watch because she was so impressed. However, that apparently has no bearing on her level of attraction. The fact that I am multi-talented does not seem to impress her in a way that makes her lack of emotions towards me clear.

3) Choice of Words: Our conversations have become much more animated lately because she knows a lot about various things, I know about various things, and we’re both into what the other knows about. In other words, we continue to learn how to be ourselves around each other. However, when she is choosing to call me a friend, you can’t really get any clearer than that.

And so, submitted for your approval, I have become trapped, yet again, in The Friending Zone – a perpetual circle of interactions where two people who don’t get out very much have found a reason to have fun and do things they wouldn’t normally do together. That’s great and all, but what does this mean for me? Glad you asked.

1) Valentine’s Day gift will now be scrapped. Just not going to bother with someone who has no intention of showing any romantic interest. Besides, she is clearly not the type of girl who cares or is swooned by flowers and chocolates.

2) I will not kiss her on the cheek anymore (and refrain from all romantic advances) until she shows some change in physical proximity. She already knows I’m interested in her. The rest is self-explanatory and for her to decide.

3) In the mean time, she will just be another great friend who really gets me. This would up the count to 3. To show that I’m fine with this, I am making myself available again.

She was thinking of bringing me to an event with her sometime this weekend. Makes me happy that she thinks of me because I like what she likes. If we do wind up going, I’m sure it’ll be a great time.

Sorry my darling meganekko….I give up. ^_^


2 thoughts on “#106: The Friending Zone

  1. No problem. Perhaps I’m expecting too much too quickly anyway, but I have no idea if a month with someone is enough to gauge romantic possibilities. People’s feelings can change over time. To avoid being disappointed any further however, I’m fine just treating her as a friend. That is my safest option.

    Thank you two for your support. ❤

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