#104: Theme Change: Depo Masthead

And now for something less heart-wrenching.

Last night, I changed my theme to Depo Masthead. I have an interest in trying out themes that I’m certain most people stay away from because they’re butt-ugly for their own reasons. This three-columned theme works better for me than the four-columned Fjords for a few reasons.

1) My style of blogging is meant to be an emotional interpretation. My entries are lengthy and uninformative to the average visitor. And so, I don’t expect any of my entries to stand on their own, especially my latest ones. Though when I have three entries available in a linear fashion, anyone who bothers to look at my junk writings can have an immediate choice.

2) Less fugly. Fjords is a sucky, fugly, standalone theme. It’s cramped, the banner is sliced up, and you need a fucking magnifying glass to read the text. And if that’s not enough, if you write a lot, enjoy scrolling down ten stories of text and having the hyperlink color choice be a blinding bright green. Couldn’t stand looking at it anymore. Though I admit that having 64 point Times New Roman text as a header is no better of a choice…the overall theme is by a long shot

3) More space. Like I said in #2, the margins aren’t cramped in Depo Masthead. Also, the text size is readable and fits into that space in a reasonable fashion.

Anyway, I also changed my avatar to reflect more of my “real” image. Nothing a few minutes of Photoshop couldn’t do.

Okay, this shouldn’t have taken me this long to write. I’m just killing time during work anyway. Like the change, leave a comment. Don’t like the change, leave a comment. Don’t give a fuck, leave a comment.

…I expect no comments.

– Ren’Ai


5 thoughts on “#104: Theme Change: Depo Masthead

    1. Hmm…well if you’re having a difficult time viewing the entire page, then that probably means that your monitor resolution must be low (800×600 or lower). 1024×768 is becoming the standard. For you, I would make things simple and recommend using a theme that is not very wide horizontally.

      Unless you gave me more info, that’s the best I can do for you.

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