Labor Day Longings

renainaughtySpent my Labor Day with an adorable, artistic, down-to-earth, and equally witty friend of mine I will call “Hime-chan”. I arranged the engagement. The great thing about someone like her is that she’s five years younger than me. Then again, that’s not so great since I would date her in a heartbeat. Sometimes our conversations hit a dry spot, but most of the time, things flow quite well between us, especially when we start taking shots of sarcasm at one another.

I took us to a Japanese market that I know she likes and I like also. She headed straight for the long line of people waiting to order food…and I wished I could hug her tightly from behind at how utterly adorable that was. We then wandered around, bought a few little items, and got some ice cream while watching three energetic children run around us outside. A gentle breeze blew as we chatted about mundane things. Truly was a perfect day to be outside spending it with someone you care about.

We later wound up at the bookstore where the first thing I hear is a little Japanese girl of about five years of age holding up a long, thick, pink pen, looking up ever so innocently to her father and saying “Daddy, look how big it is!”

I kid you not.

However, I am the picture of maturity around my younger friend, placing my hand over my face and cursing myself for being so terribly corrupted by life. Of course, she managed to hear my mumblings. I eventually couldn’t resist telling her, in which she gasped at me for thinking such things. I know…and I am ashamed, but it was more of a playful jab at my moral fiber than an honest attempt to make me feel like shit. Just the way I like it.

While she browsed through the stationery section for notebooks, I noticed that one had “Mnemosyne” written in the top left corner of the cover. I immediately became curious as she flipped it open. Unfortunately, there were only blank pages to be seen. I know why I was hoping for more

Loved how we were able to visit my cute, meganekko friend’s house (I will call her “Shia”) unexpectedly to play some Super Smash Bros. Melee too. Now I had the wonderful opportunity to whip Hime-chan at her own game – the original Super Smash Bros – after she claimed how good she was. And she is good, for the record. Though she had never played Melee before, she held her own against the two of us, but was usually the first one to fall…and then tried to distract me with candy.

I really should mention that it’s not the fact that we played SSBM together that made me feel pretty low-energy after she waved goodbye to me from her car. It was how I felt when Hime-chan was introduced by Shia to her parents. I had never brought anyone over to Shia’s place before in the six years I’ve known her…and I had brought over a pretty friend. Her parents already know about me, so the whole experience of coming and going with someone I know would make a great match for me was…exciting I guess. Like she belonged to me, though she tried to cover it up saying to Shia’s mother, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have no idea who this person is.” And of course I follow up with, “I totally kidnapped her and making her do my bidding.”

Would I be a fool for waiting three more years for her to fully mature..? Probably.


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