Why You and I Both Are NOT Bloggers

Soooo..yeah. Random title for random entry. SURPRISE! After writing out the whole entry, I decided to use my ingenious SEO tactics and give this entry a controversial AND eye-catching title. Go me! XD

I really miss blogging. I miss it to the point that I wish I could do it every day and know that people actually read and valued these mindless scraps of data that I put out for all the world to see. Then again, there are already tons of people out there putting out more mindless scraps of binary data than me and their stuff is worse than mine.

And then they have the nerve to call it “blogging.” Or should I say, call themselves a “blogger.”

Blogging can be fun and purposeful. Blogging can also be freeing and therapeutic. Blogging should not be simply to, you know, regurgitate your day. See, what makes doing that different from someone who consciously sets in their mind to accurately portray their days using “X” blogging platform, and someone who does the former…IS JUST THAT! Someone who uses “X” blogging platform in a random fashion without any sort of motive or purpose is not blogging nor a blogger. While someone who uses “X” blogging platform to consciously write with an overall theme and audience in mind is what we would call “blogging”. Over time, if that individual gains a consistent following, only then can they take the giant leap and tack on the title of “blogger.”

So you probably don’t care about why I blog, but I’m going to tell you (which equates to me, myself, and I) anyway. I blog the way I do because I’m interested in the idea of looking back decades from now at this rotting piece of data and say, “Wow…I could never be that honest with myself in real life…but I was able to lay everything out on the table anonymously without giving two craps about what people said or thought.” In all seriousness, Meganekko Memoirs exists as a retelling of the parts of my life that I could never openly share with family, associates, and acquaintances as an ice-breaker. My good friends do know of this place, but I limit knowledge of my identity to only them.

Everyone else can go cry in a corner because I’m not telling you more than what these entries reveal…which honestly, is more than you could ever imagine would come from someone like me. So feel special.

Special thanks to my cutey, short-haired megane-ko friend for mentioning she missed reading these entries. Probably wouldn’t be blogging this if it weren’t for her being a Ren’ai fan.


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