The Twitter Game

renaipensive So who besides me loves Twitter? I love Twitter for a few reasons.

1) It’s convenient to keep in touch with people you can’t have a conversation with.

2) I’m limited to only 140 characters, which is good practice for getting straight to the point.

3) I get to have a few good laughs from the Twitterers who like to play “the game.”

I want to focus on #3 though. What “game” am I talking about? I like to call it “The Twitter Game.” It’s really easy to play and really proves how shallow and self-important you are. Basically, all you have to do is Follow every single person who has any sort of a remotely interesting tweet at any given point in time. If you’d like, you can take this a step further by openly proclaiming that you’re vehemently interested in reaching “x” amount of Followers and then proceed to spam your Twitter account with retarded nonsense that has does nothing but show how idiotic and subservient you are to internet trends.

In other words, be your own person, douchebag, instead of trying to be the next attention whore on the net. Nobody cares about your 13,386+ Followings. We have enough bullshit on the net without you corrupting it with your 4chan-ish “weeaboo faggotry”. Prime example: Eight Teens Beating Down MySpace Girl. They wanted to create a viral video, which they did…while sitting in jail. Congrats! That is one of the crude examples of what is wrong with the world. Trying to play the Twitter Game is much lower on the spectrum, but equally as pathetic.

And that is all I have to rant about to my great, big audience of no one. I’m going to bed. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “The Twitter Game

  1. vehemently interested in reaching “x” amount of Followers

    Is this anything like dorks who have ten trillion Xanga or Facebook contacts and then brag about how many contacts they have? 😛

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