Sorry. Life bit me in the ass.

renaiharuhiSo yeah. This will be short. No one cares about this minor detail but I should bring it up anyway.

The reason why there is such a massive gap between my entry before last and yesterday’s entry is because my ex-lover literally told me that I should tell her everything from then on. This translated into: If you blog about your inner conflicts to the world instead of just sharing them with me, then you must not love me enough.

Yeah. Bullshit…but I complied, and now that nonsense is over. I really could care less if she happened across this place, as we are beyond over. Nothing to salvage. Not even friends.

I might ask a certain person I know if I can call her sometime, despite her living across the country. She is a wonderful friend of mine who I go back with longer than expected. She just also happens to have made me happy constantly even before I saw a picture of her face.

I’m very tired, so I’m going to sleep. I’d rather not overthink something that isn’t my place to be in control of.


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