Go study. Stop caring.

Wow…I really don’t want to give a shit about anything anymore. Blarg. Go fuckin’ die.

Can’t freakin’ sleep because I’m concerned about the emotional health of someone else, while at the same time, becoming exceedingly more anxious about the summer. The summer I’m finally made complete. The summer a brand new chapter will begin in my heart and life. The summer that I won’t have to concern myself [much] with the needs of a certain friend.

Study. Study now. Study now before it’s too late. In 6 hours, it will be.

I just want her…I just want to write…I want to stop feeling like someone else is writing my story. As I distance myself, I do so to draw myself nearer to the “moon” which seems closer and closer the more I gaze upon her. Hardly anyone encourages me except me, but since when did I care about getting a pat on the back?

I’ve been missing many pieces of my soul it seems. Good thing this relationship is in the business of fixing separated fragments.

I’m done. Study now. Go not care.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ DANCE! – “Ivory Asia” ]:: \\


One thought on “Go study. Stop caring.

  1. Ah, the toils and turns of trying to love someone and hoping to get loved back.
    I’ve given it up.
    I don’t care anymore about getting a relationship with preferrably a meganekko.

    About helping friends…
    There’s only so far that i am willing to go.
    Helping in some samll financial issues is no problem, but lending money is thought over and in most cases rejected, i’ve had enough problems with that.
    Other advice/help depends on whether i have the time for it.

    But what’s going to happen in the summer that you’re so excited about?
    For me it’s going to Japan that’ll brighten at least 2 weeks in August of this year.

    Anyway, have fun.

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