Megane-ko #10 :: Mizusawa

meganeko45I was bored…and lonely (if Firefox, see mouse-over msg). So I did one after so long. Sorry, no pictures because VirtualDub can’t read h.264 mp4 formats. Fuckin’ annoying as hell this format had to get so popular. Only have a link to a crappy, full-body official site art image from the official ZEGAPAIN site that hardly does her justice.

Name / Meganekko Type: Mizusawa-sensei / Part-Time
Submitted by: Ren’Ai
Site: Megane-ko Memoirs

As one of the only two school staff members that ZEGAPAIN focuses on, Mizusawa-sensei (25 years old) would naturally be the type of meganekko you would want to spend many hours talking to. Mainly because she is always alone. Whether her glasses are on or off, she retains a soft, adorable demeanor and a compassionate heart for whomever enters her infirmary. Though when she does remove those glasses, she is significantly more emotionally vulnerable than when they are on. For example, she is presented as more susceptible to her fellow sensei’s advances. Also, she is seen crying when they are removed. Within the world of ZEGAPAIN, those glasses can also be seen as a shield – a guard in which she eventually discards – preventing her from perceiving, in more ways than one, what sort of reality she truly resides in.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Akino Arai – Kimi he Mukau Hikari – ZEGAPAIN OP Theme – “Kimi he Mukau Hikari (without Akino)” ]:: \\


2 thoughts on “Megane-ko #10 :: Mizusawa

  1. What a stupid bot.

    Mizusawa’s a nurse, so i found out on the internet.
    I haven’t seen any pic of her yet with glasses.

    Her glasses act as some sort of emotional shield?
    Interesting, i don’t view my glasses as a shield, more as a correcting device that makes me more beautiful.
    How about you, how do you view your glasses?

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