Why or why not

meganeko43Just a few minutes ago, my mother watched anime with me for the first time. I wasn’t really crazy about the idea of her sitting behind me watching – I felt as if she was invading a part of my world that she could never be welcome in. I said “I guess so” and let her eat dinner with me while watching the 4th episode of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, a series that I had previewed back in Spring, but set aside for more compelling titles.

To give you an idea of what she was watching with me, here are some screenshots…

click for larger

Lovely huh? Can you feel the hate? It’s much more potent when it’s moving. She chooses this sort of anime to come and watch with me. Hell, if anything, maybe she’s scared away, now that she has this bloody, wretched, close-minded view of anime. If she has any sense, she won’t try to walk into my world ever again other than through the filter of my own creativity. At least then, the whole anime circle won’t have to suffer another miniscule viewpoint of a small-minded adult. She’ll just have me to ridicule.

When the episode ended, she asked a few questions that had already been answered in the episode, but most I could not answer. Obviously, this is because it is a series. Perhaps the questions will never be answered. That’s anime for you, especially this horror-based anime which is by far a winner in my eyes. The most irritating question was “What girl is that a picture of?” She was referring to the Xenosaga image on my desktop. I bluntly answered, “It’s from a video game.”

Next question. “What kind of video game is it?” Fuckin’ typical.

I fished for an answer that would end this foolishness already. “Not the kind portrayed” was the only answer I could think of.

Her reply? “Well that’s good to know, since this is the kind that’s…well…you know.”

Fuck! Why do perfectly reasonable, lovely images get plastered by blatant ignorance?! It’s fuckin’ Shion & KOS-MOS for crying out loud! I haven’t played the games fully, but I played enough to know that they are close. It doesn’t even matter if I didn’t know that. If you don’t know about something, don’t fuckin’ label it as a sexual innuendo or as something “socially inappropriate.” This is why I do not want my mother anywhere near my computer or my world. Shit like this happens and I just have to hope she either forgets about it, or is too shocked to even bother. If she even thought of trying to walk into the anime/manga world, she’d be too fuckin’ shellshocked and confuzzled to understand because of society’s choke hold on her. Oh yeah, and she’s a Christian.

Forget about asking why or why not when it comes to that sort of mindset that only a few will be willing to open their eyes to see that it’s all just creative expression. All it will take for me to say “fuck off” is for her to call my writing “uncouth” or to even try to stop me from achieving my passions. She even almost told me to forget about ever going to Japan during college to pursue a writing career of some sort. She’s really walking on thin ice with me, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Rekka Katagiri – Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni ED – “Why or why not” ]:: \\


3 thoughts on “Why or why not

  1. New entry, new reaction.

    Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni doesn’t seem like the sort of anime i’d like to see.
    I like many kinds of anime though.
    I just hate this kind of homocidal and destructive anime, justy like freakin’ Elfenlied.
    I did however enjoy the whole fight between Yuki and Asakura, it was just so greatly sci-fi and like some stuff i imagined in my sci-fi fantasy worlds way before The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya came out.

    It’s bad timing your mother came to look at the anime you were watching, i think she was just interested what you were watching.
    Yes, such anime leave a bad impression on parents, but somehow it’s the same with normal horror movies, it’s still not socially acceptable to be blurting around about this stuff in public.

    About Xenosaga, Shion is a nice looking meganekko, but she’s too overconcerned with Kosmos, that’s the biggest personality flaw her creators gave her.
    Damn, Kosmos this and Kosmos that.
    I saw the anime and the rendered story of Episode 1.
    It sucks that the creators stripped Shion of her meganekko identity in Episodes 2 & 3, even though i only have seen pics of those games and no anime or rendered story.
    They even made Momo look older than in Episode 1, giving her boobs.
    Damn, she’s an android in the form of a prepubescent child in Episode 1, they should have had better continuation.

    You knew why your mother asked the question and still you had to provoke her.
    You could have used google to show her what the show’s about and that this was only a pic for promotional uses [heck, the thought of lesbianism triggers something in many men, giving more sales in this case; but the real story is nice, but with the irritating overconcern of Shion for Kosmos.

    Your mother’s a christian?
    I’m a christian too and i’m not so tight ass.
    But cut her some slack, as you’re quite biased toward her.
    You both have trouble understanding each other, and i can understand why.
    Try to patient with her and ask her to be the same to you too.

    See, i’ve lost my family too, my mother died of lungcancer in 2001, stepdad #3 cheated me out of large sums of money and more shit happened in my life.
    I know i’m unable to get along with my mother anymore and in some ways i do regret that the contact between me and her worsened after i became a christian.
    I wish i could do some things differently now, but done things are done.
    Please don’t let all this loathing of “normal” things and other “dull” stuff keep you from having a good understanding with your mother.
    It’ll pass while you grow older and mature, you’ll still be different and unique, but you’ll see things differently and be more wise.

    I’m 29 now, living on myself, no parents, no nothing.
    I’m different and unique, but still i’m more sociable than most people.
    I watch anime, i reads manga, i play magic the gathering[a card game], i sometimes draw meganekko, i don’t watch tv[i was an addict] and i do other cool and weird stuff.
    You don’t have to be mean, or edgy, or rough or whatever to stay unique and yourself.
    It’s what youth culture, even the alternative ones tell you to be, to be different, to be edgy, to be rough, to be cool, to listen to the right music, etc. and even otaku culture has this.

    You don’t have to conform to my ideas[well, i’m not happy with your homosexual feelings, but it’s your life and your decision, i’m not here to lecture you on the biblical view on wrongs and rights regarding sexuality, you already know that from your mother] or do what i suggest to you, but it couldn’t hurt thinking these things over and see how you want to approach people.

    Anyway, as a closing note, “Smile or i’ll shoot!!!”

    Good luck and God bless.

  2. Ahhh this is a whole lot, Barachem, hehe. And most of it, I hear what you’re saying.

    Higurashi starts off as a cute little anime, but then spirals into a horror genre which I rarely see in anime. The emotional trauma that is exhibited in the main male character, Keiichi, is more poignant than the physical violence. However, when the physical violence is added into the mix when the emotional trauma has no where to vent, it becomes a masterpiece of an anime, focusing on the lengths one will go to free themselves of the source of their overflowing paranoia. I personally find that very intriguing, though after you told me about your disorder, I think I know why you wouldn’t like it. My mother probably became inquisitive after hearing all the frantic yelling that Keiichi was doing. Pretty intense stuff ^_^;

    And yeah, the Yuki & Asakura fight kicked ass ^_^ hehe

    Don’t know much about Xenosaga, which I mentioned. The anime immediately struck me as dull after the first episode, so I didn’t follow it. Also, the subbing group weren’t on top of it.

    In regards to my mother’s questions, this is how I work. I only spend time sharing details about anything I like when I know the person receiving this information is going to eventually be as into it as I am. Telling my mother about the story of a video game is not going to linger with her because she has no interest in video games or anime. My logic is, why waste my time and energy with someone who won’t care much in the end anyway?

    If you were a tight ass, Barachem, you would have left my blog alone months ago. You’ve also told me that you’re a Christian, which is why I said “a few” in my entry. Regardless of my opinionated nature, I still give groups the benefit of the doubt instead of mass-labeling. That would make me as bad as the tight-assed society I live in. Thank you for being who you are.

    I don’t blog about everything that happens while I’m in my mother’s house, so my patience may not be evident. I need an obscene amount of patience to live in this house. Believe me. Also, I would like for my mother to appreciate and be happy for the things I want to publish one day, but these signs just give me a bad taste in my mouth. I’d rather keep my guard up with someone who really has no idea who I am anymore, than thinking she will be open to everything I have to offer. If she doesn’t want to read my book, I know of handful of others who have already showed appreciation towards my creative nature. No sweat off my back, but some parent she would be, eh?

    Haha. “You don’t have to be mean, or edgy, or rough or whatever to stay unique and yourself,” eh? Barachem, sweetheart, beyond all my viable rants, you still don’t see that I’m not like that all the time? And why in the world would I emotionally conform to what “youth culture” says? Youth culture these days is moot. That’s why I love the anime/manga/otaku culture so much. It’s constantly changing with plenty of room for creative expression. And even that culture has it’s low points because we both know all cultures are inherently flawed. So, that’s a laugh. I’m my own person, so I’m appalled you would even bring that in the picture.

    Of course, all you have to go on is what I present to you about myself in this blog. So, I suppose it’s natural to think I speak in a loud voice and carry a big sword all the time. I’m not going to conform to your way of thinking, but I’m certainly open to it. That’s why I appreciate the constructive commentary I get from you and Daniel. It makes me think.

    So thank you for your concern and insight. It’s never a waste. ::pats:: ❤

  3. Hehe, good to see more of you coming out in here.
    Yes, i understand that in many cases more explanation isw a waste for people not very interested in and close-minded towards stuff, like anime, manga, music, games, whatever.
    Your mother is unfortunately such a case.

    In what way is she a christian?
    Did she accept Jesus as her saviour or weas she reared into it?
    I know that many people who were reared into it may have a solid but not intense foundation and for people like me in many instances the foundation is more shakey but much more intense.
    In my case i have a solid and intense foundation.
    I know of people who are on fire for Jesus Christ and while that is good, they’re so into Him that they forget that they scare the shit out of other people, even fellow christians.
    I have known several of those cases.
    I know that if i’d go fanatical like those people that it’d be disastrous for myself.
    God uses fanatical and non-fanatical people to do his will.

    I hope you understand your mother.
    I don’t know how radical and fanatical she is, i only know that in her actions that she most likely acts because she means well for you.
    I don’t know whether what she’s doing IS right, but i can only say to you that it would be good to tell her the next time she is critical, that you understand her concern for you and you appreciate hyer worrying for you.
    She might cut you some slack and be more understandable.

    You may be appalled about what i assume about you, but i’ve only got your blog to go on to and i know how stupid young people these days can get…
    Anyway, sorry about that.

    I’m closing this reply now.
    Onto the next one.

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