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meganeko39First off, I want to acknowledge two comments made in my last entry, since it seems way pointless to directly reply after so long. Apologizing won’t turn back my negligence, but at least I can do what I would have done regardless of circumstances…that is if there weren’t circumstances to disregard.

Daniel, being anonymous is the best ever. I love it, and thrive off of it. I can always come back to this blog whenever I want because no one knows who I am or where I come from. If you ever desire a place to shed your skin and show your true colors, consider starting a personal journal or an anonymous space on the net, if you haven’t done so already. At times, I regret my extended absence that would convince anyone that I have left this mortal plane, but sometimes…it’s just good to not have any obligations to anyone, even though I had put a lot of effort into creating an obligatory air around this blog. I can honestly say that I did that only because if I were to keep this blog going, it was NOT going to be like those sappy, emo blogs (or LJs) that pervade the net. The fact that I am blogging now after so long must mean that somewhere along the line, I failed at that. Fortunately, for my own pitiful sake, that isn’t the whole story.

Barachem, I have no idea who the “freshly showered meganekko” in my previous image is. I collect my images from various places on the net, and have a meager stash on my hard drive. If I had still been blogging as I was previously, I would most certainly have more than I do now.

Hm…wonder if they will notice this…


// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ ]:: \\


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