Ren’Ai Rant :: Odor Fetish & Harutards Gone Rabid

meganeko38Wow…it royally sucks when your life just goes spiraling out of control. Or, in this case, my life within this blog.

Damn…I’ve been out of school for like 3 weeks already and I really haven’t anything to blog about. Absolutely NOTHING interesting has happened to me to make me want to share it with the internets. Everything has been fuckin’ NORMAL! Well…except for tonight when I realized I really enjoy the smell of my body odor on oversized pieces of clothing. WTF, you say? Yeah, I said the same thing, but I do. It’s like I’m constantly being hugged by someone that I feel totally comfortable with…after we just had rough sex. No lie. I purposely put on this oversized shirt I got for free while at college that I’ve worn like…7 times to bed or something, after taking a shower tonight mind you, and it’s strangely arousing and sensual all at once. Yeah, I just found another aspect of myself that is into the body-odor-on-oversized-clothes fetish. Did such a thing exist prior to my discovery of it? If not, maybe I can somehow find some quirky way to publicize this on fucked up sites, like 4-chan (the people there are fucked up, not the images they post which are fuckin’ golden), and maybe it will catch on like wildfire.

Sorta like how the Hare Hare Yukai ED Single sold out on the first and second day in Akihabara. Or sorta like how everyone likes to jump on the bandwagon and learn the steps to the next new fad that explodes in Japan because they want to be part of the cool anime group. God forbid if they don’t keep up with what’s going on in the otaku epicenter and then show it off at the next US anime convention they attend, only to be severely pWn3D – or so one would think! – by the 5-man J-group cosplaying EGL-style.

Speaking of cons, I’m actually planning on going to one. I’m not going to say which one because I’m still not sure if I’m going…or if I want to be found if I go. Anyway, I fuckin’ bet I’m going to see at least 3 Harutards doing the Hare Hare Yukai dance in the lobby or for the Cosplay Line. Last year, it was the Narutards trying to be ninja when I bet most of them couldn’t even do a cartwheel. Now don’t get me wrong here. I think the Hare Hare Yukai dance is the cutest thing ever. Cute enough to dance along every time I watch the ending because it is my happy dance, not because I have something to prove to those whose senses have dulled to a fuckin’ eraser and currently can’t distinguish the wonders of supple breasts from a busty resin model. Sometimes I wish these obsessive compulsive, ADD-driven idiots would just wise up and realize: There’s much more to life than being ‘one of us,’ as the classic otaku chant goes. And then I’ll chime in with, “Congratulations, resident Harutard! You have successfully managed to not completely fuck up this time around. Now let’s see if you can last a week without looking up the skirt of your new Tomoyo After model.

By the way, I think Elegant Gothic Lolita is an absolutely fascinating style and phenomenon, & am thoroughly enjoying the head-spinning fast-paced story known as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. If you have not delved into either, shame on you. I would rather read the Haruhi novels though. Special thanks to everyone’s favorite overlord of the internets, Google, and Anime On My Mind for the link. I shall begin my mildly arduous trek through them with firey passions that cannot be contained! Or…just read them like any “normal” individual.

Would you believe I was writing this entire entry with NO MUSIC playing? It’s true. Just keep reading.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ – ]:: \\


4 thoughts on “Ren’Ai Rant :: Odor Fetish & Harutards Gone Rabid

  1. Normal life you say?
    I don’t have that anymore.
    Every single day i live is different from the one before, i mean distinctively different.
    It’s weird, though i don’t complain about it, at least i’m not as bored as in past years.

    About your worn big clothes smell thing, well, i think nothing compares to my Meganekko Madness.
    I’m really into meganekko.

    I’m rushing things because i’m in a hurry and wanna finish this too.

    The Haruhi Suzumiya anime is great.
    It does give an insight in how weird i experience the world in many instances.
    I don’t know if you already read all of the translated novels yet, but for me trying to explain some of the stuff i experience to other people is like Kyon explaining the weirdness he experiences to Haruhi, who just doesn’t believe him.
    In what i personally experience, invoulentarily that is, i must confess that i sometimes don’t know what’s real and what’s just some weird drifting thought of mine.
    But probably you won’t and can’t understand me in this.
    Will someone other than God ever really understand me?
    But i’m happy with my distinct position.

    Those fucking otaku are always hyper about the latest trendy anime, bah.
    It happens to be that the theme of this anime resonates with the feel of what i experience.
    But that dance isn’t something for me, i like dancing, i even love it, but not in some restricted pattern.

    But i’ve blabbered around too much.

    Oh, and if you wonder why i didn’t post on the previous two entries, i didn’t because they didn’t compell to me.
    I might do it though.
    But this entry did catch my attention.
    Well, so much for my selfish response.

  2. “Normal” is subjective anyway. To me, “normal” equates to just doing the same thing again and again every day. That’s easy to do when all you do is sit on the computer, barely eat, and sleep.

    To each his/her own fetish, I always say =P

    I can see the relation between you and Kyon. It’s kinda funny, since Kyon is so terribly logical in everything, but even so, no one seems to get what he’s trying to say. Chances are, no one will ever really understand you just like very few will ever understand my ways. I’m not saying you’re incomprehensible, but hey, there will always be that one person who hits the nail on the head.

    We can’t all like repetitious, controlled dancing, but then again, we don’t all like the Cha-Cha dance either. This restricted pattern just brims with energy. Much different from actual restricted dances.

    Don’t worry about not commenting on all my entries, Barachem. I know not all of them are comment-worthy, so just write what you want to write when you feel inclined. I write for me, remember? It’s hardly going to be what appeals to everyone, especially my personal trials.

  3. interesting fetish.

    i have my own. and they are quirky. i guess that’s a good thing you’re anonymous on your blog, so you don’t really have to be embarassed about what you blog about.

    hope you have a good summer.

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