Ren’Ai :: Final Stretch

meganeko39I have been idly sitting in a computer lab, awaiting my “final” to actually start, reluctantly downed 4 slices of cheese pizza, an 8 oz. can of Dr. Pepper, and have yet to start working on a final project that is immensely more important than me procrastinating in this cushy comp lab seat catching up on Anime News Network. There must certainly be something wrong with me. At least I’ve been getting 5 or more hours of sleep lately.

No matter how many times I ask myself “why am I here?” the only excuse I can conceive is: “It’s the day of a final exam. I have shit to do for it, but I may miss something if I leave.” Yeah. I personally don’t care for stewing in my own boredom and frustration, but that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past hour and a half. This also includes resisting wringing the neck of some small child in the lab that keeps exclaiming “YAAAAY! I WON! I WON! LOOK MOMMY I WON!”


I’m very tempted to leave after writing this, but my computer has also been being mean to me. In other words, internet has not my friend for these last few days I have left on campus. I’ve been keeping perfectly sane though. My copy of .Hack//Infection arrived yesterday, and my new memory card came today! W00t! It has been ages since I have been so giddy over a video game before, but I am so looking forward to finally knowing what was going on in the game during .Hack//Liminality, which I’ve watched already. Once finals are over, I will not only be entranced by that game, but I’ll also be MUCH more knowledgable when it comes to my character in the .Hack RP that I’m in. I so ❤ everything .Hack… ::sighs::

Ugh…I hate the aftersmell of pizza on my mouth and hands. So…since I have no pertinent meganekko-related topics to write about, have currently been unable to blog from my room, and about to lose the battle against my sanity due to a certain small child……I’m going to leave this console, go back to my room, take a shower, brush my teeth, call the 1st year megane-ko that loves my company so much – that is only requited on my end when I’m actually in the mood to deal with her childishness – and attend an ’80s version of a Shakespeare play with other 1st year friends.

Yeah; about that writing project final? Meeehhh…it’ll get done. ::plays more .Hack::

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ KOTOKO – Glass No Nabikaze – “Nendo no Hoshi” ]:: \\


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