History of Manga Book Expunged by True American

meganeko37After re-reporting in my previous entry of the obvious atrocity, that had been swiftly attended to by Mr. Postmus, I am itching to share my opinion on the action taken. I was going to let loose in that other entry, but I felt I should keep that professional-like, then run my mouth in another entry.

First of all, let’s make it clear that the said book that had Mr. Postmus in an uproar is a title that is meant for historical reference, NOT a porno mag. However, this “true American” believes has done his county a wonderful deed by removing a perfectly legitimate resource regarding the truth behind the evolution of manga in Japan. But, of course: “That book is absolutely inappropriate for a public library…” I find this statement hilarious. That’s like saying: “We want our children to read books to learn about history outside of the U.S., but we can’t let them read a book that teaches them about history outside of the U.S. because they can’t handle the truth.” Apparently, this guy either has something against Japan…or Astro Boy. I’m sure Mr. Gravett gets turned on by Astro Boy as much as the next grown man.

Most American adults know of anime/manga, but are under the impression that it is all children’s stuff. Well, news flash, it’s not. Thus, a reference book with Astro Boy printed on it — I will safely assume Mr. Gravett chose Astro Boy to appeal to the generation before mine, and intrigue those within mine and younger — would be unknowingly placed in a section near children’s comics. If it weren’t for the depicted destruction on the cover, it may have wound up in the thicket of that section. We should all breath a heavy sigh of relief, now shouldn’t we? Mr. Postmus might have annexed manga out of the entire county.

I do agree with Mr. Postmus on one fact, however. A book that has obscene content, reference material or not, should not be widely accessible to those under 17 years old. Nevertheless, the issue at hand here is that there is not someone knowledgable enough in the County Library System who understands the numerous streams that flow from manga. Without question, this issue could have been rectified quietly. However, Mr. Postmus blatantly made a mountain out of a molehill, which is why I call him a “true American” who protects his people from learning about something other than Pearl Harbor. This truth is not surprising to someone, like me, who has been fortunate to have been exposed to this seemingly endless outlet of creativity and fiction known as anime and manga.

There is no reason for to notify the San Bernardino County Library System to draft a plan to keep children away from inappropriate books. It was a simple mistake due to rampant ignorance of the truth behind the impressive history of this specific creative outlet that has nearly singlehandedly aided Japan’s economic balance. But of course, he wouldn’t know that. Would it have been so outlandish to simply relocate the book to a more mature-aged section, rather than annexing it right off the bat? Oh, but that would be too easy. Let’s write a press release from my office, quote me saving the innocence of the already fucked up next generation, put my name in oversized serif font, and make me the resident attention whore of the day! And who knows? Other counties may follow in my footsteps, systematically having every library question remove any manga with a shower scene. That’ll teach them to be less ignorant than me and do their job right.

Yes, a “true American” indeed. ::gags::

When we, as humans, discover something strikingly unexpected, I have been taught that to explore out what it is we have come upon, deduce whether it is viable, logical, and sound, then either dismiss it or take it as my own. Unfortunately, Mr. Postmus has some acute aversion to learning about things that aren’t of this so-called accepting, tolerant, red, white, and blue homeland. Sadly, having been a citizen here my entire life, this is also apparent, not a recent revelation. Well, at least I can say this with firm confidence as someone who wishes to leave the U.S. as soon as possible (at least long enough to become n official citizen somewhere in Europe or Japan).

America really likes having a proverbial stick shoved farther in its ass.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Yuki Kajiura – Mai-HiME Original Soundtrack V – “Chiisana Shiawase” ]:: \\


One thought on “History of Manga Book Expunged by True American

  1. I’ve wanted to post a comment for this post for a really long time. I haven’t had the time to think very much. But. I’ll get on with it.

    Well. I don’t blame America. There are a lot of factors involved in a case like this. Take for instance a civil rights case. It’s usually the lower court’s fault that a legislation in question isn’t violated because etc. etc….until it gets to the Supreme court, then the government will go ‘oops’, yeah, it is a violation of Amendment number…

    My point is that maybe it’s just something affecting the libraries in San Bernadino and not the entire nation because they just want to make the lady happy. It’s pretty likely that Mr Postmus was embarassed of his staff and thus he thought it would be better to harness his anger on expunging the offensive book from the shelves to keep his board and himself clean and untarnished.

    Well. that’s all speculation. what intrigues me, just like it does for you, is why that book had to be removed instead of reshelved or perhaps kept at the librarian’s desk for reference ‘upon request’ or something like that.

    But you know, heck, people as young as 10 watch porn anyway.

    I wouldn’t understand how you feel. I’m trying to think of something that would evoke a similar emotion as yours. Not to sound insensitive or anything, but I’m not too bothered.

    At least there’s someone who cares.

    (I was being pretty out of point.)

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