Megane-ko #8 – Ringo

I just HAD to write something up for her! I should be out at a hockey game one of my friends is playing in, but this just couldn’t wait! Meet the most amazing AND stunningly pretty megane-ko ever to grace an manga/anime series that I’ve ever come across.


Name / Meganekko Type: Ringo / Part-Time
Submitted by: Ren’Ai
Site: Megane-ko Memoirs

ringo2Being the third daughter in a family of five causes this megane-ko to be the center of attention at times…and she milks it for all it’s worth. Ringo (14 yrs.) serves as the true sisterly source to Ikki, the rambunctious, headstrong younger brother and protagonist of Air Gear. Sympathy shown towards him causes her sisters to pay closer attention to her…like having a larger bust size than her 17 yr. old sister. Ringo, meaning “apple” in English, has a sweet and sour outer personality that, together, make her the perfect sister blend for Ikki, but is also a girl with a virtuous, beautiful core that awakens while blazing the streets in Air-Treks (A-T) as a StormRider. Whether she wears those pretty red-framed glasses for style is unknown, but they do appear to easily slide off her nose when surprised. While skating above 30mph, who can really blame her for removing them?

OMFG! WATCH THIS SERIES! I already knew about it as a manga, but there was no way I was reading that or running a scanlation search for it. I’m sure the manga is better by far, but I’ve just watched the 1st ep. and I’m already hooked! Rollerblading is a very fond pasttime of mine. There are also megane-ko popping up in more anime debuts than I’ve ever witnessed! Yes, now that Shakugan No Shana & Mai Otome are over, I’ve already picked up debut episodes of at least 4 new anime. All of which either have potential or immensely kick ass already. Air Gear is definitely of the latter breed. Thank you Oh! Great for making a kick ass series after the annoying, yet mild disappointment that Tenjou Tenge was.

Ja ne!

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Back-on – Air Gear OP – “Chain” ]:: \\


5 thoughts on “Megane-ko #8 – Ringo

  1. I’m at ep 4 now and it’s quite nice to watch.

    Why don’t you try “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” or “Fate\Stay Night”, those are quite good too.

    Bleach is having a filler arc, which i somewhat like, even if an otaku acquaintance of me hates the filler arc.

  2. Hehe. I would have to be completely out of the loop to not be watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or Fate/Stay Night. I just don’t blog about them because they have no meganekko. I can’t say that for sure about Haruhi b/c I haven’t been able to find a fansub of it yet for reasons stated in my most recent entry…

    I’ve also been following Bleach =P I watch a lot more than I let on.

  3. I only watch 4 shows currently, Bleach, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fate/Stay Night and Air Gear.

    And now i go deep and personal, not that i’m afraid to tell the personal side, but it’s difficult for me to convey my feelings, emotions and various others states i’m and that because i have problems with properly defining and explaining that stuff.
    So bear with me or be eaten by it. 😉

    I have a tendency to watch humour-filled and/or realistic anime/manga/films/cartoons/comics, because i need something to compensate for my melancholistically psychedelic aspects of my personality.
    While some of these traits can traced back to bullying and problems in the past, most of them stem from the union of my intelligence, intellect and creativeness, which also gives me a realistic, cheerful and optimistic side.
    While i haven’t officially been diagnosed with it yet, i am certain i have Asperger’s Syndrome, a kind of milder autism affecting mostly men of average to genius intelligence.
    Several years ago i thought the same, but i dismissed it by lack of enough confirmation, but this New Year i visited my aunt(she’s a meganekko btw) in Wales, intense stuff happened and she told me that i had Asperger’s Syndrome, because she knows many people with AS(Asperger’s Syndrome).
    That i have AS and am highly intelligent, intellectual and creative is in my view the reason that i can both be melancholistically psychedelic and cheerfully optimistic.

    How to define melancholistically psychedelic…
    It’s difficult, because it’s problematic getting ideas, let alone feelings and emotions, across.
    It’s like when i stare at a sunset, i can become all like “Yes, look at these colours, they’re enrapturing, oh, what a strange the sun really is, it seems so touchable, yet so infinitely powerful, destructive, radiative, i can never reach it.
    The sky’s so empty, the green, blue, and purple are dazzling my mind, what emptyness to behold, existence is but yet not, is it real or not, what will happen to me, am i illusion, am i real, i feel desolated, a voided form, my very thoughts are hollow and will pop like bubbles, am i akin to fractality?
    Light, so radiant and yet so empty, resonating with the empty shells of a fractured reality…”

    There, finally, finally i put something into language that’s somewhat tangible.
    Read it, don’t just understand it, “understand beyond it”.
    This psychedelic thinking, feeling and emotion i experience often, both negative and positive, both melancholically and cheerfully.
    But the melancholical psychedelicness is often a bit more than i can take and it often makes me delusional, near to insanity even.
    But it’s part of me and i have to deal with it one way or another, i wish that someone would help me bear this by understanding me and these changes in perception and consciousness.

    That’s it, it’s over now, the show has ended.
    I wanna watch an ep of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and then an ep of Bleach.
    Yeah, Bleach is a good antidote to my psychedelic trips.

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