Megane-ko Panic & Shana Movie

I haven’t been able to put together a short megane-ko description for the two meganekko I have lined up because I have been expending my writer’s energy for assignments. Also, Japanese is a very difficult language to make one’s own and takes A LOT of effort, in my case, to study properly. It’s really coming in handy for me though, as I’m about to reveal.

To make matters slightly worse, I have caught wind of another megane-ko that is going to appear in a new series called Strawberry Panic!Girls’ School In FullBloom, a sure-fire shoujo-ai/yuri anime that will be airing April 3rd! That being the other half of the reason why I’m so interested in this series. Clearly the better weighs out the worse in this situation. At least I know I need to follow this anime without a doubt. ^^ It’s just a matter of finding a group who feels like subbing this. The characters look so beautiful, and they’ve even put up a trailer for viewing. From what appears to be the spotlight relationship in this anime between the two girls plastered on every advertisement, I have been sensing a meaningful portrayal of the push-and-pull between requited & unrequited love; a questionable love that is played out in one heart, but not [initially] wholly in the other. If you have had the utmost pleasure in viewing Kannaduki No Miko in its entirety, you will understand what I speak of.

This megane-ko’s name is Remon Natsume. Not particularly crazy about the choice of name though. It’s almost like they are making her out to be a boring character right off the bat. However, the discovery of the girl behind the glasses is what make megane-ko so intriguing, regardless of their given name. Here are two images of her that I found as well. The first one is a profile shot from the main site and the second is a beautiful group shot from the MediaWorks website. Also, there is a Strawberry Panic! game set for release in the Summer of 2006 for PS2. Looks very cute and highly interactive in making choices between the extensive female cast. Too bad I’ll never be able to play it.

If you didn’t see the last episode of Shakugan No Shana, it was absolutely crying for some sort of continuation. I’m doing my own megane-ko twist on a continuation through creative writing, but there is now a Shakugan No Shana movie currently in production. No specific details about the movie have been released, but I have faith that Geneon will not disappoint in whichever direction the producers choose to take with the movie.

Since Blogger photos is being shitty again, the images will have to wait. When they come, I hope they are appreciated by someone other than myself.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Regina Spector – Soviet Kitsch – “Ode To Divorce” ]:: \\


4 thoughts on “Megane-ko Panic & Shana Movie

  1. Funny story actually. I only got that picture for the sake of showing that lone megane-ko in her natural habitat XD =^_~=

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