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meganeko35In light of a close friend’s birthday, I decided to do something that would, under normal circumstances, go against my “Megane-ko Code of Sight.” I drank some with my friends. Nothing heavy – it was watered down actually, thanks to my housemate who knows his alcohol and my preference to NOT getting inadvertenly smashed. Before I go on though, let me specify what is this “Megane-ko Code of Sight” I speak of.

Renai’s Megane-ko Code of Sight
#1: No one will touch or wear my glasses if they wish to keep their hand and/or other appendages in tact.
#2: No one will see me without my glasses unless it is an overnight engagement.
#3: Drinking should be a spectator’s sport or as a taste-tester. Perception, in more ways than one, is affected.
#4: Never put something in your eye that requires a diluted chemical to help you see.

Of course there are specific exceptions to my code, but that’s generally what I have claimed to be my code as a megane-ko. Now, on with my alcoholic ventures!

I think my “exceedingly intelligent housemate” gave me something called a Raspberry Daquri. It was pretty good, but the glass was like 5 inches wide and 9 inches long. Yeah…BIG glass, but it was a sweet drink because he used me to get rid of more of his mix. Totally fine by me. All of us as a group wound up playing some poker, while I carefully took short sips of my drink with at least a minute or more in between. I’m not an idiot when it comes to alcohol even though I rarely ever drink. I’ve been a devoted spectator when my friends get more drunk than expected, hehe.

There was a break in the action, so I decided to get up and walk around for a little bit. This was when I realized how tipsy I was. Not only that, but I was cursing outloud more than I usually do when things turned ill for me in poker. Of course, no one picked up on this, so I just pretended all was well, trying to use my sight to keep me steady, especially since I was still holding the glass, albeit less than 3/4ths empty. Heading upstairs, I immediately retreated to my room, my feet ungracefully crossing over themselves at times, grabbed a bag of Cheez-Its, and began gourging myself while being inclusive in the festivities.

Like I said, I have been educated well in the ways of quelling the effects of alcohol.

Even after about 100 salty, nauseating squares – Cheez-Its and I have an equal hate for one another, by the way – I was still expectedly unsteady. Finally, the birthday boy noticed I was leaning against the wall way too often and told me to just enjoy it, since that’s what happens when you drink. No shit, sherlock. I can still be upset with the fact that I can barely sit down to pee without worrying about my ass sliding off the seat. Yes, that was the case. I also have a prevalent fear of what might happen to me if I do get smashed. Like all the sex appeal I don’t have (since I don’t try to have it ^ ~) will suddenly invert, then skyrocket…and the glasses would undoubtedly enhance that.

Since I was still coherent and in control of my speech, I generally just went with it, played a little more poker, lost my money again, and went to bed without informing anyone. Knowing the few college friends I somehow have, they would try to convince me to stay longer. Fortunately, all I had to deal with was one of the people I didn’t know very well knocking on my door asking me to play more cards. My excuse: Waking up early.

I wasn’t lying about that. Today is going to be one of those days that I wish would end already. I’ve had way too much work on my hands, and thus nothing worth blogging about has occurred; not that I’ve had the will to blog in general, sorry to say. Also, an apology to those bloggers that I normally read and comment on. I plan on catching up, so do not count me out yet.

After writing this entry, I surprisingly have a lot of content on my mind, so if anyone still checks here, expect updates…or I will continue writing for myself, as I have been. I did write another chapter for Meganekko No Shana, so I guess that’s something to be proud of. After a period of pondering over the overall meaning and purpose of this blog, I changed the name of my blog again (Musings of the Fated -> Megane-ko Fated Musings -> Megane-ko Musings -> Megane-ko Memoirs). I think this one will forever remain my title.

Time to get this sickening mingling of cheese and alcohol out of my mouth. A shower definitely wouldn’t hurt either.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ SYSTEM SF feat. ANNA – Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix – “Look To The Sky (True Color Mix)” ]:: \\


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