Meganekko No Shana :: Ch. 2

Title: Meganekko No Shana
Chapter 2

Shana and Sakai arrived at school just as the bell atop of the school’s gable struck 8:30AM. Shana strode leisurely behind Sakai, who had already taken off up the 15-step staircase that led up to the front entrance. Just as Sakai was about to swing the front door open, he remembered Shana was still far behind him. However, he realized that doing so would only cause him to await the stubborn girl’s arrival, thus enacting his own demise; he was far from the stoic, unreproachable individual that Shana was with the teachers.

Shana can handle herself. Besides, those days are over…, he thought, disappearing into the narrow byway, filled with students shuffling their way into their respective classrooms.

“Excuse my rudeness, teacher!” Sakai exclaimed at the moment his hand slid open the metal door of his classroom. His entrance was less than graceful, nearly falling over himself as he shut the door behind him and power-walked to his seat in the back row near the windows. His eyes remained averted from everyone, including those he had come to know and cherish in his poignant adventures past.

“That’s quite alright…Yu~ji-san,” the teacher replied in a playful, bolsterous female voice. Sakai’s lowered eyes shot open, baffled to hear that familiar, loud-mouthed tone, that had once been a threat to him as well as Shana, within his classroom.

“Just actually be ON TIME from now on!”

All the students broke out into laughter, especially his newly inducted, orotund teacher – the busty Flame Haze turned “Madonna Teacher” – now donned in a white, half-buttoned blouse snuggly against her chest, her classic navy blue jacket and matching skirt, gray stockings, and ebony flat-heels, freshly unblemished from past battles – none other than Margery Daw. Marcosius, her partnered version of Alastor in the form of a hard-bound spell book, joined in the festivities from the comfort of her schoolbag, only to be silenced by her swift kick.

Sakai’s tongue fell down his throat, just barely able to gasp out a few words, too shocked to raise his head. “This…can’t be true…!”

“Oh, it is,” Keisaku Satou and Eita Tanaka replied dryly in unison from the last back row. Margery’s devoted henchmen could only sigh in defeat with a small sweatdrop falling from their foreheads.

“M-Margery Daw!?”

Margery snickered, slamming her hand on her oak wood desk. “That’s Margery-sensei to you, Sakai!” she growled, as she readjusted her glasses upon the bridge of her nose.

Sakai trembled in disbelief in his seat, staring blankly ahead as a dainty and gentle hand rested on his shoulder. The soothing voice that would speak, imbued with matchless concern and timidity, would be found to be suitable for one such as her.

“It’s not like you to be scared, Sakai-kun…” she whispered.

Sakai responded to the short-haired brunette’s touch with a faint blush.

“Y-Yoshida-san…” Kazumi Yoshida, giggling softly, spotted the pink blotch upon his cheeks as he caught a glance of her smiling countenance. She also had been splashed with bright pink, though there had been a significant change in her heart, as time had passed.

“Please…call me Kazumi. Things are different between us now…so you don’t have to be so formal…”

Over the chatter that had resurfaced within the classroom, Sakai could only nod in response to her as Shana – known to the rest of the world as Yukari Hirai – entered the classroom. Her usual overconfident air brimmed from her person. As expected, she caught sight of Margery standing behind the teacher’s desk. Margery, having already unexpectedly sensed another Flame Haze, had long since diverted her attention to the door.

“Interpreter of Condolences!” Shana sneered.

A few of the students gave verbal, questioning interjections, but rapidly died down in light of Margery’s intimidating stare.

“Now now, Chibi- err…Hirai-san, Don’t go making up names for your teacher on her first day. My name is Margery Daw, but please acknowledge me as Margery-sensei, ne?” Margery had switched on the theatrics – sweet smile and all – not eager to bring up any old trends between them. Surprisingly, Shana’s burning glare simply turned in the opposite direction as she walked to her respective seat.


Times have sure changed for the better, I think. Sakai thought, now forming an awkward smile.

Many of the students immediately began commenting Shana on her new glasses, which encouraged kinder, less threatening facial expressions from her. Margery eventually coaxed the rowdy students into submission for attendance. Though Sakai perceived their short-lived confrontation from afar, he knew that neither of them desired to rekindle the memories of their own relentless duel. To accept their current existence as it is was certainly was the one thing them both could agree upon…at least at this new stage of life.

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ KOTOKO – Shakugan No Shana OP 2 – “Being” ]:: \\


2 thoughts on “Meganekko No Shana :: Ch. 2

  1. Ah, great chapter. Even though Shana having glasses is a little werid to me everyone is relatively in character and I’m enjoying the story so far.

    I’ll be looking foward to your next chapter! ^_^


  2. Thank you for your commentary, Kat-chan. I really do appreciate it, especially since this is an open experiment that I am planning as I go ^_^ Oh, and the reason why everyone may not fully be in character is because after 2 years since the real story, I am inputting some personality changes in some of them. I hope you continue to enjoy it though.

    If you want, you can e-mail me your e-mail address and I can let you know when I have a new installment of the story. My e-mail address is on the right-hand menu. It’s alright if you just want to wait, since I do blog about other things other than that story.

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