Ren’Ai :: Slow & Steady

meganeko34I would have two new megane-ko to blog about, but stupid fansubbers are using .mkv files more and more these days. That file type doesn’t agree with the program I use for taking screenshots, which is irritating me to no end. If anyone knows how to deal with this or how to take screenshots another way, do drop me a comment or something.

Other than that…I’ve mostly been doing a hell of a lot of sleeping during break, and getting my RP character back into gear at Megatokyo Forums. So far, things are evolving nicely in the .hack RP. Though my knack for spitting out beautiful RP posts has gone a bit down the drain, I’m enjoying the role. That’s what’s most important to me, as there has not been a role for me to get excited about for a long time.

Well…my cat is meowing for me to let him out of my room. Yeah, a sorry excuse to stop blogging, but really…I’ve got nothing. Oh, and if you are not watching REC, watch it! It’s such an endearing, cute, and lively anime…and each episode is literally 12 min. long.

And the OPening theme makes me happy…*twirls around like Nekoki*

// ::Meganekko-Tune Now Playing [ Kanako Sakai – REC OP – “Cheer~Makka na kimochi~” ]:: \\


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